ZK No.2: COSC Certified Swiss Made Automatic Diver/GMT Watch

<p>The COSC Certified Swiss made Automatic Diver/GMT watch is of high quality and is the best of its kind that you can find in the global market. This type of watch is very suitable for globe-trotting.</p>
<h2>GMT Watch: The Definition</h2>
<p>What makes a watch a GMT watch? GMT means Greenwich Mean Time is the average of solar time. The theory of Greenwich Mean Time defines it as the time when the sun gets on top of the Prime Meridian at the highest point. This GMT refers to the average time when this very event takes place. The time of other parts of the world is often in comparison with this Greenwich Mean Time. A wristwatch that comes with GMT function is a GMT watch. This type of watch functions like another hour hand.</p>
<h2>How Does A GMT Watch Work?</h2>
<p>The GMT watch rotates each 24 hours or precisely half the speed of the next hour hand. This very second hour hand makes use of another scale and uses a reading of 24 in place of 12. The second hour hand is often inside the inner part of the dial. This GMT hand accounts for the entire 24 hours of each day which means there is preciseness in interpreting a.m or p.m.</p>
<h2>What Is The Difference Between A GMT Watch And Others?</h2>
<p>Your dual watch does not show whether it is a.m or p.m rather it shows you an hour hand starting from 1 to 12. However this very hour hand differs in various locations. Your GMT watch tells you the time in such a way that you can know the time in other parts of the world. This is a major difference between a GMT watch and dual watches.</p>
<h2>What You Should Know About Diver Watches?</h2>
<p>All watches are not diver watches and you need to know what makes a diver watch a diver watch. A diver watch is a watch that can keep its quality after immersion to a depth of up to 100m which satisfies the ISO standard of 6425. A wrist watch which does not meet the requirements of ISO 6425 is not a diver watch. The divers watch must have the COSC certification before you can say it is a diver watch like this automatic GMT/Diver watch.</p>
<h2>Why You Should Have A GMT/Diver Watch?</h2>
<p>GMT/Diver watches are more preferable since they are more versatile in terms of function. The reasons below are why you should have this kind of watch.</p>
<h3>It makes you a global citizen</h3>
<p>Having a GMT watch tells you the time in different parts of the world and as the world turns to a global village, the need for this kind of watch will continue to increase. Example when you want to call your family or friends in other countries, a GMT/Diver watch lets you call them at the precise time. This promotes communal life globally.</p>
<h3>Know your bearing</h3>
<p>You can use this kind of watch as a compass. This is by setting the GMT hand to a particular local time after which you point it to the sun. The hour marker for the 12 hour will then point north depending on the hemisphere.</p>
<h3>For use when travelling</h3>
<p>When you enter an airplane or travel across different time zones, this watch tells you the time for these locations.</p>
<h2>What Are The Qualities Of This Swiss Made Automatic Diver/GMT Watch?</h2>
<p>The watch comes with Titanium Grade 5 and this is useful in different industries like racing, aerospace and gas turbine industry. This makes your watch durable. It comes with free shipping and a 5 year warranty. Free shipping is worldwide. The watch comes in different colours with bracelets that you can replace. Its casing is waterproof and the digits are very readable with their illumination.</p>


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