World's Most Advanced Insulation: LoftTek Adventure Jacket

<p>Do you love to Travel? Does your heart melt when you think of mountains and rivers and snow? Well, mine does and I've turned my passion of seeing the world into a goal. Too much of my life has been wasted sitting on a couch in front of the Telly.</p>
<p>Travelling is not just about going to a place that isn't home. It's about making a home wherever you go! Even if it is just for a day, you want to ensure that you love every minute of your trip and are relaxed and comforted.</p>
<p>I found that a big part of making this happen was who I travelled with! My Travel Buddy is super important to me and turns out, it isn't a person, but a jacket!</p>
<h4>Does Your Travel Buddy Do All This?</h4>
<p>You may say I'm crazy but think about it. The right jacket can solve a LOT of problems.</p>
<p>Right from what to wear — umm, you can wear anything under that jacket and it doesn't really matter if you are repeating clothes or not. So you can pack light!</p>
<p>And what about that age-old problem of freezing airports. Yes, even if you're going to California in summer, you had better best prepare yourself for freezing airports. So you're gonna need what? A Jacket. And just in case luck is on your side and the airport isn't freezing, you can solve that other irritating problem of long waiting hours and not being able to sleep at the airport. Cos not all of us have lounge access, am I right? Guess what, you can use your jacket as a pillow!</p>
<p>Here's another problem – sitting on the beach. I'm not one to carry a towel around, so I always end up with sand in my pockets. But, no more! Cos I now use my jacket as a soft cushioning and the sand doesn't stick.</p>
<p>Apart from being a Jacket, my Jacket is so much more. It is comfortable, makes me look good (not fat and bulky!) and protects from harsh weather conditions.</p>
<p>I always knew the importance of a Jacket and I tried a few over the years. I say few because I don't have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars on one product. And then I found "The One"!</p>
<h4>Why You Need The Loftek Adventure Jacket</h4>
<p>The LofTek Adventure Jacket combines the features of both, a Down Jacket and a Synthetic Jacket, which makes it awesome for both dry &amp; wet conditions.</p>
<p>Down Jackets tend to be lightweight and great for dry conditions, where else a Synthetic Jacket dries quickly and is best for humid conditions.</p>
<p>So I literally don't need to carry more than 1 Jacket anymore.</p>
<p>Here are some of its amazing features -</p>
<li>Super Light Weight</li>
<li>Can withstand harsh weather (Rain/Snow/Hail!)</li>
<li>Great for dry weather conditions</li>
<li>Easily fold-able and goes into a small pouch</li>
<li>Eco-friendly (so important for me!)</li>
<li>Looks stylish</li>
<li>Elastic handcuffs and a tight hem at the bottom which doesn't let the cold get in</li>
<li>Thumb-holes (so thoughtful!)</li>
<li>Zippers for the pocket (duh! So simple yet everybody doesn't provide this)</li>
<li>Can be used as a soft pillow when you're not wearing it</li>
<p>But here is my personal favourite -</p>
<p>It's got a zipper for your underarms!!! That solved so many problems for me. Cos whether you want to admit it or not, there are times that you sweat a lot under a jacket and that does not feel good. With the zippers in the right places, you can just VENT OUT YOUR UNDERARMS and keep yourself fresh at all times!</p>
<p>EVERYBODY needs a Travel Buddy! And you're not gonna get one better suited than the LofTek Adventure Jacket or the 'LAJ' as I fondly call it!</p>


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