The Straprack Home Fitness Gym

The Human body is a complex piece of machinery with the capacity of performing a variety of physical activities. Like all machines, they require maintenance and development in order to cope up with the demands of this ever-changing world. Consistency, work-life balance, and convenience — the three major external factors in developing ones fitness levels are hard to come by these days due work demands, family, and most especially TRAFFIC.


As an ambassador for physical health and a fitness enthusiast, I believe that everyone has the right to have access to physical wellness and exercise. Health professionals and fitness ambassadors all around the world are fighting a battle against deconditioning and sedentary lifestyles.   


Can your current work-life balance accommodate your fitness goals? Does your daily commute take a big chunk of time which may have been dedicated to fitness? Are you a work-from-home parent who needs to juggle between family and work duties?  A company called Morphed Fitness rose to the challenge to meet the fitness demands of the population with their newest product — The STRAPRACK Home Fitness Gym.


The Straprack functions as a stable and efficient vertical-knee-raise machine, a pull-up bar and strap training system that offers optimal functionality like most high-end gym equipment, high-intensity training in most workout programs and the convenience of staying at home all in one brilliant piece of machinery. This product will help you achieve your fitness aspirations by providing CONVENIENCE without compromising QUALITY —  a feature that no other product in the market can provide.


Here are four reasons on why should you try the new Straprack Home Fitness Gym:

1. Easy to Set up and Store

The Straprack fits easily on door-frames ranging from 28 to 36 inches which gives you the freedom of location for your workouts and can be detached with no effort at all!

2. Multiple Functionality

A core feature that makes this product stand out is the number of exercise regimes you can perform. With the Straprack you can efficiently perform workouts such as but not limited to: Chest flys, Pull-ups, Dips, Rows, Squats, and Lunges — all targeting important muscle groups using body-weight training for fitness gains and body toning.


3. Safety for You and your Door Frame

Worried that you might fall off the frame? — With high-quality steel material, the Straprack can hold up to 250 lbs with a built-in door frame clamping system that ensures the safety of your body and your door frame. With its padded rectangular tube structure which evenly distributes weight along the length of your door frame, you are ensured against indentations, abrasions and paint damages on your door frame.


4. Long Term Investment

Owning to its high-grade material and promising safety features, the Straprack showcases its resiliency against wear and tear which makes it a good fitness investment! Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships and long commutes to and from your fitness center — you can achieve the same goals at the comfort and privacy of your own home.



Morphed Fitness' Straprack Home Fitness Gym is currently being showcased at Kickstarter. With a minimum early bird pledge of $125, you will receive your very own Straprack Mini so you may have the freedom to work out anytime, anywhere. 




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