NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts

Taking care of yourself should be a lifestyle, and this includes being physically active. However, your willpower to move around gets stalled when you started smelling unwanted body odor.

Now, how are you going to continue this active lifestyle without getting distracted with your odor?

These are what the NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts can do for you.

5 Reasons Why the NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts Are Non-Negotiable

Here is a sneak peek of the wonderful benefits of this shirt.

Wearing this shirt could protect your health.

It has an anti-bacterial and anti-stink feature. It is not magic. These two go hand in hand because it is not really sweating that causes body odor, but the bacteria produced from the combination of sweat and cheap fabric.

Sadly, no matter how much deodorant or perfume you wear, you will still smell at a certain point. If you are living in a tropical country or currently experiencing summer, body odor becomes more inevitable.

Avoiding bacteria is not only just about eliminating body odor, but also protecting your immune system from infection. You do not need antibiotics to kill bacteria. Instead, you might just need this NXTLVLETE shirt or tank top infused with Nanonite Silver, the one responsible for killing bacteria.

Using this shirt can help you with your schedule.

Some people do not go to the gym because they have limited outfits and less time to do the laundry and ironing. If this is your excuse, then it's time to give yourself a break that you deserve.

This shirt has an anti-wrinkle feature, which saves you time from using the iron. Plus, you do not have to spend too much time washing and worrying that the fabric will fade too soon.

Bringing this shirt when you travel gives you more freedom.

Do you love traveling? How about working out in between? You could bring different clothes, but that is too heavy for a backpacker. But with just one NXTLVLETE shirt, you can survive and become more mobile in a foreign land with a light backpack.

Getting this shirt gives you more than what you really spent.

Let us do the math.

You wear different clothes every day: for exercise, work, hangouts, and bed. Each activity often requires different outfits, which sums up that you need at least 28 tops in a week, or 112 monthly.

But every time you wash and wear, you risk your tops to fading and shrinking. If you really want to look good and presentable, you need to continuously buy new ones while draining your savings.

If you choose this NXTLVLETE top, you will save more and smell good by wearing this for 30 straight days, even without washing.

Wearing this shirt balances comfort and style.

The NXTLVLETE shirt is mainly made of Premium Cotton, while the tank tops and stringers are mainly made of Premium Polyester. But they are not just comfortable; they are also stylish to wear because of Lycra, or the elastic synthetic fiber that makes the top stretchable.

Most of the time, wearing fitted shirts often make people uncomfortable, but with the 2-way stretch fabric of NXTLVLETE tops, you can already mix style and comfort while flaunting those curves.

No Reason to Delay

With the NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts, you will be able to protect your health, multiply your time, save your budget, level up your style comfortably, and enjoy life.

Now, do yourself a favor.






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