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Flobody Gym - Shape Your Body From Anywhere

The Flobody Gym offers a compact portable gym so you can achieve all of your fitness goals from basically anywhere.  As so many of us are stuck in our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find the time to work out.  With the Flobody, it's easy to fit in exercise during our hectic lives.  Whether at home, at the studio, at the beach, or on a hike, it makes the opportunity to exercise so much more easily accessible.  

Customizable to fit your Goals

Whether you are a beginner or an instructor, its easy to customize your gym depending on what your needs and goals are.  With plenty of tools to help you work out and resources to help you learn and practice new exercises, you can easily find the right workout to fit your needs.  As you are able to adjust the weight for your needs, it works for all different fitness levels.

Choose the Best Workout for You

From pilates to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to strength training, the Flobody gym makes it easy for you to adjust to different workout styles and practice a variety of exercises.  Using simply one piece of equipment, there are hundreds of workouts available for you.  In the future, the Flobody plans to offer free workout videos which make it that much easier for you to feel part of the community - even while working out at home.

Flobody Workouts offer Numerous Benefits

Using this incredible piece of equipment, users are able to get tighter toned legs and core muscles, as well as increase the overall size, strength and tightness in the legs and body.  For those focusing more on pilates specific workouts,  users can work on improving flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.  This assists with postural alignment, muscle balance, and core strength all at a low impact.  These workouts also emphasize elongating, strengthening, and improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Easily Take Along Everywhere you go

Whether on vacation, on a work trip, or simply at home, it becomes easy to take the Flobody gym along with you.  Making it that much simpler to squeeze in workouts into your routine, you can bring it along on any adventures.  This means there's no excuse for not finding the time to workout!

Available in Various Bundles

All of the Flobody packages come with a biodegradable non-slip mat, an improved zipper attachment, and travel bag.  All of their packages include the Full Flobody System equipped with resistance bands, removable hand weights, foot and hand straps, and strap bands. Additionally, they also come with free training access, a 12-week program, and warranty.  In addition to the Full Bundle package, customers can also choose the Travel Bundle or Travel Bundle Plus which include additional equipment such as a travel bag, sweat towel, water bottle, mat and cleaning spray.

All in all, the Flobody gym offers a unique convenient workout experience for just about anyone!  No matter where you go, you have the chance to easily exercise and bring your equipment with you!

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by Lauren Himes