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<p>Fitness is an essential part of our lifestyle in this day and age. Our ancestors did not have the luxuries we have today. They did not have cars or elevators or most of the technology and machines that make our lives easier. They also had time on their hands to eat well-cooked meals with fresher ingredients. Though these advancements are a good thing, they, unfortunately, make us lazy. We have drastically reduced the amount of exercise we do because these machines do most of the work for us. However, some new tech encourages us not to be lazy, such as the FitCrain Smart Bracelet.</p>
<h4>Eating habits</h4>
<p>In this fast-paced life we are living, cooking a home-made meal every day looks too fantastical. We do not have that much time on our hands, therefore, we opt for faster solutions such as pre-made food or take out. Even though this is a more convenient option, it might not be the healthiest. Fast food and ready-made meals contain preservatives and excess oils and salt which are harmful to the body when taken very often. Exercise helps us get rid of the extra calories we eat due to these habits.</p>
<h4>Increasing exercise every day</h4>
<p>If going to a gym three or four times a week takes up too much of your time, little things you do can still get a little workout in. Walking to work for a few blocks or going up the stairs instead of using the elevators are two easy ways to move your muscles without taking up a lot of your time. Even walking around in the office helps, not only with getting those few steps in but also to prevent injuries associated with repetitive strain injuries. Chores such as laundry and cleaning the house can also do the trick. Just getting these small things as part of your daily routine, helps improve your overall health. There is a way to track all these small exercises while still looking stylish. The FitCrain Smart Bracelet is a stylish new product which can track the steps you take.</p>
<h4>Working out</h4>
<p>If you can find time to work out (yes, somewhere, if you really want, you can find the time) a good work out helps not only with keeping track of your weight but also reduce the risk of many health problems associated with obesity. Around 30% of the world's population is obese or overweight. It makes you think hard about the life we are living. With all these technological advancements, we are still killing ourselves with something that is easily preventable. A good work out helps you lower the weight as well as building muscle which helps in circulating the blood more efficiently. Exercise also helps to improve the mood and reduce stress levels, another silent killer, therefore you would be killing two birds with one stone. The FitCrain Smart Bracelet allows you to record the workout as well as monitor your blood pressure throughout. Knowing what you did, not only sparks that part of your brain associated with rewarding yourself for the work you did, therefore, making workouts more fun, but it also allows to monitor your health during the workout as well as promoting you to increase the intensity when your body gets used to it.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Keep in touch during your workout</h4>
<p>When working out, you might feel disconnected as you are focused on what you are doing and not your phone. The FitCrain Smart Bracelet allows you to connect to your phone and it notifies you when you have received messages on a number of platforms. This allows you to stay connected even during that sweaty class.</p>


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