<p>The keys to endurance training are straightforward but sometimes hard to achieve. You need a surplus of energy for long periods and to use it without gassing out or causing muscle damage. Supplements have been available for a long time that will help you do this with your long term fitness goals but what if you are running out of time? These situations call for more than your average endurance supplement. You need EndurElite&rsquo;s &ldquo;Formulators Cut.&rdquo;&nbsp; If you are short on time to reach your goal, this supplement was created for you!&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Reach Your Goal</h4>
<p>The &ldquo;Formulator&rsquo;s Cut&rdquo; is a well thought out combination of amino acids and extracts that cover all the bases to boost you to your goal. It packs a punch for not only a month of hardcore training but also the day you put all that hard work to the test. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose for enhanced endurance. Whatever the goal, everything you need is included to get you through that last push to reach it.</p>
<h4>Energy Boost</h4>
<p>Boosting energy is crucial to a supplement aimed at endurance training and it is addressed with ingredients that complement&nbsp; one another. Caffeine anhydrous is the fastest form of supplemental caffeine and Infinergy&trade; Dicaffeine Malate serves to heighten the effect by prolonging the caffeine kick while giving a kick of its own. This combination gives you a longer lasting burst of energy without the crash that is associated with caffeine. <br /><strong></strong></p>
<h4>Increased Time to Exhaustion</h4>
<p><strong></strong>Increase time to exhaustion is critical to a strong training session. This formula has several ingredients that make your work out longer while providing other benefits at the same time. Beetroot powder promotes faster recovery from exercise and increases muscle power while enhancing the ability to maintain intensity at peak power. Time to exhaustion is also increased with Taurine, an amino acid that increases strength while decreasing muscle soreness and oxidative damage getting you back to that workout much faster. Various plant extracts have been introduced to provide benefits such as decreased muscular inflammation, heightened muscle recovery, improved oxygenation, enhance aerobic performance, and a boost of energy.</p>
<h4>Control Lactic Acid, Ammonia and Choline Levels</h4>
<p>Beta-Alanine is one of the most effective lactic acid neutralizers and has been incorporated for increased endurance. Ornithine HCL is an amino acid that not only enhances focus but also fights excess ammonia in the body. Ammonia build up can cause a decline in muscle function and can even cause muscle contractions. In addition to delaying fatigue, Choline Bitartrate enhances focus and gives back some of the choline that is diminished during endurance training. An extra dose of an amino acid naturally found in the body is also included to improve blood flow and reduce fatigue.</p>
<h4>Bonus Benefits</h4>
<p>To round out the formula, other plant extracts and synthetic compounds have been thoughtfully added for maximum effect. These bonuses include a prolonged effect of choline in the brain, delayed soreness, improved recovery, enhanced endurance, increased motor function, and even improved leg strength. There is also a bronchodilator added to help prolong activity through enhanced breathing. <br /><br />This formula is perfect for runners, cyclists, or any athlete needing the ultimate boost for endurance training. It will quickly get you going, keep you going and get you back to it again as fast as possible.</p>


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