Di-Pro: A Bike Computer With 96 Hours GPS Tracking

<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"><span lang="en-US">In our busy lives, the biking could be a great escape from the tension in your daily activities and fantastic workout that is keeping you fit. Many people are cycling to work or using the bike as faster and cheaper transportation. Others are biking in the mountains like a great adventure in nature. Biking is bringing many benefits to our life and health, but all the bikers also know that it could be challenging. You could lose your track in places you don't know or to endanger your health if you don't check your physical conditions or how much power or speed you need to climb up or to pass through some areas. If you know your heartbeat, riding time, distance, speed and power rates, it will be easier, smarter and safer to ride no matter where you are biking. There are many devices for that, but they often can't resist the weather or don't have enough power or functions. Now there is a great device that meets all your needs – </span>Shanren Di-Pro.</p>
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<h4>Powerful bike computer</h4>
<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">Di-Pro is a bike computer that integrates the most important bike functions. It is a 96-hour high precision GPS system that tracks your heart rate, GPS, riding time, distance, speed and power. The navigation time is 4-5 time<span lang="en-US">s</span> more than any other device and it can <span lang="en-US">work </span>more than a week with just one charge. It has <span lang="en-US">a </span>2.7-inch intuitive screen with 28 data display that presents everything you will need for casual or professional biking.</p>
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<h4 style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">Super compatible and functional</h4>
<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"><span lang="en-US">Di-Pro has hybrid compatibility and supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth connection, so it is compatible with most sensors. If you have a smart indoor trainer, you can also connect it for power training or you can use the Virtual Power function of Shanren Di-Pro and enjoy the benefits of structured training in a most economical way. You can also i</span>mport <span lang="en-US">your</span> data and upload <span lang="en-US">it</span> to Strava&reg; <span lang="en-US">in order to share your</span> riding achievement and joy.</p>
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<h4>Keeps you safe</h4>
<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;"><span lang="en-US">Discovery-Pro has a smart speed warning and safety breathing light that ensures your safety. If you ride with speed more than 45km/hr, the light will warn you. You can also customize the light colour for day or night rides. Your safety during the evening rides is guaranteed also from </span>a detachable optic lighting system of 260LM brightness. It <span lang="en-US">will increase your safety because it </span>is <span lang="en-US">enough </span>bright for <span lang="en-US">you</span> and it won&rsquo;t blind <span lang="en-US">the </span>drivers.</p>
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<h4>Resists to extreme conditions</h4>
<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">Di-Pro <span lang="en-US">has a w</span>aterproof <span lang="en-US">d</span>esign <span lang="en-US">which protects the electronics even in intense rains and bad weather. The device is also tested in extremely cold temperatures in Russia and were under elevation testing on the world's highest biking peak – Mount Qomolangma (5200 m). </span></p>
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<h4>Easy and comfortable</h4>
<p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">Often the bikers need to<span lang="en-US">o</span> many accessories on the handlebar. <span lang="en-US">This super compact bike computer not only leaves more space on the handlebars and gives you a neat and simple look, but also makes your ride easier and smarter. Di-Pro can also receive call and text notifications from your phone to keep you informed during your long ride.</span></p>


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