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<p>Are you looking for a towel that doesn't have a fraudulent label? Do you want a high quality towel made with the durable Egyptian cotton? Many cotton products come with the label 'Egyptian Cotton' but the products are not so. However the case is different for Casamera towels and these towels are the softest in the globe.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The process of making linen products in Egypt involves precise craftsmanship and this is better than what is obtainable in other places.</p>
<p>The Casamera company has offices in Miami in Florida and Cairo in Egypt and Nile Delta is the place of production. This company aims to produce authentic and highly efficient products.</p>
<h2>The Design Of Casamera Towels</h2>
<p>These towels come in modern designs and are very much environmentally friendly. The &nbsp;cotton products do not use harmful chemicals that is irritative to the skin and cause health misfits. The design of the towel has two sides. One side provides threads which maximise its air exposure and has a softer silky feel. The other side of the towel is a long pile and this enables the absorption and release of moisture. This makes the towel able to stay clean for a longer time.</p>
<h2>Why Are Casamera Towels Better Than Others?</h2>
<h3>Stays dry</h3>
<p>This cotton dries faster and stays dry more than other towels. Wet towels have more capacity to acquire bacteria while dry towels keep bacteria off.</p>
<p>Casamera towels come from raw materials and this cotton comes from fertile soil. The Casamera company utilises skilled farmers for picking this cotton and then move it to the factory for design.</p>
<h2>Reasons Why You Should Buy Casamera Towels?</h2>
<h3>Resists odour</h3>
<p>Pure cotton is antibacterial and odour resistant. Casamera towels are able to resist odour and this is one of the reasons to buy it.</p>
<h3>High Density</h3>
<p>This towel has a feel that is heavier and this is because of the high density of the fibres.</p>
<h3>More Direct</h3>
<p>You get this towel more directly since it moves from the factory to the consumers. This is different from what is obtainable in other towels since they have a lot of middlemen.</p>
<h3>More Durable</h3>
<p>Casamera towels are more durable than others. This is because of their production process.</p>
<h3>Larger Size</h3>
<p>These towels are larger than others by 25% and the bath sheet of Casamera can accommodate tall people.</p>
<p>Casamera towels are among the softest towels you can find.</p>
<h3>More Absorbent</h3>
<p>A towel from Casamera can absorb faster than other towels and this is one of the reasons to buy it. The weaving mechanism involves single loops and these are highly absorbent.</p>
<h3>Enhances With Each Wash</h3>
<p>Casamera towels do not depreciate when you wash them and it improves when you wash it many times.</p>
<h3>Oeko-Tex Certification</h3>
<p>This is an organisation that is able to test for chemicals and harmful materials and support sustainability and safety. Casamera towels &nbsp;have certification from Oeko-Tex.</p>
<p>Now you see Casamera towels have high quality and are better than other towels in the global market. Casamera towels are original and come from authentic Egyptian cotton. You can order and get the towels shipped to your country.</p>


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