BLADE-Ultimate A.I. Fitness Wireless Earphones

<p>Looking for an all-time personalized coach that not only tracks your daily fitness routine but also gives you the right technique advice?</p>
<p>What if you can do more than just listening to music on your earphones?</p>
<p>Introducing the ultimate running and fitness coach, the BLADE, that is more than just earphones. Developed by Soul Electronics, the Blade is a set of AI-enabled earphones that tracks your movement and gives you personalized voice coaching, all in real-time.</p>
<p>Let us look at a few features of the device and know why this is one of the best investments that you'll ever make.</p>
<h4>Real-Time Personalized Coaching</h4>
<p>First and foremost, the Blade comes with real-time movement tracker and uses this data to give you personalized instructions and advice. Soul Electronics has collaborated with BiomechEngine that collects your training data, evaluates it and gives immediate coaching advice. It estimates your running posture and suggests any corrections if needed.</p>
<h4>Bluetooth Enabled</h4>
<p>With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology enabled on the earphones, Blade is able to transfer data at a 2x faster rate and a 4x wider range.</p>
<h4>Supreme Sound Quality</h4>
<p>With solid Bluetooth connectivity, Blade is able to transfer audio with minimum data loss and ultimate sound quality.</p>
<h4>Longer Battery Life and Faster Charging</h4>
<p>Tired of charging your earphones every time you are back from your run?&nbsp;</p>
<p>With Blade, you can rely on it's longer battery life that lasts for 96 hours. Not only this, the USB Type-C charging case that comes along with the device, provides a faster charging function.&nbsp;</p>
<p>So now, you can focus more on your fitness than readying your device.</p>
<h4>Includes heart rate sensor</h4>
<p>It is good to know your heart rate when you are doing any kind of fitness activity, but it is even better if you know when to take a break and be able to control your heart rate.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The Blade gives real-time instructions if you cross your target heart rate zone and suggests you to rest so that your heart rate returns to normal. With this, the Blade promises you the best training experience.</p>
<h4>Ergonomics ear hooks</h4>
<p>The Blade comes with C-shaped hooks that perfectly fit your ears and keeps in place at all the times. Now no more pushing the earphones inside your ears in between your run.</p>
<h4>Supports Siri and Google Assistant</h4>
<p>You can easily answer calls or change music with a simple tap on the back of the earphones. Connect to Siri or Google Assistant and get your work done or just simply stay connected to the outside world while on the go.</p>
<p>Soul Electronics' Blade is your digital friend and trainer that keeps you motivated and coaches you right. These new-age earphones are a perfect match for music lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike.</p>
<p>With so many features in a single pair of pocket-sized earphones, Blade is available worldwide. It is available in two colors currently, black, and white. So choose yours and pre-book now at a discounted rate of just $149. The orders are scheduled to start shipping from October 2019.</p>


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