Anti Ordinary A1 | The Beanie That's As Safe As A Helmet.



Make your next adventure memorable by wearing the Anti ordinary A1. This helmet is made from soft material to provide you with comfort and easy fit. The Anti Ordinary A1 is also well designed to easily fit in your bag. When you think of durability, think of A1. The helmet is made of durable materials ensuring prolonged protection.

Why the Anti Ordinary A1 Helmet?

When buying a new helmet, you definitely will be interested in buying the newest model in the market.

But Is Your Choice The Best?

A good helmet is the one that provides you with maximum protection. But that is not all that matters. You will want to consider other things such as comfort, safety standards, material construction, fit, and proper ventilation.

The Anti Ordinary A1 provides you with all these qualities. The designers of this amazing helmet created it considering all aspects of a quality helmet.

Safety Standards

Protection is what we all seek when buying a helmet. Unfortunately, not all helmets are designed to offer the kind of protection you may want and sometimes you get injured even when you have a helmet on.

You will be happy to know that the Anti Ordinary A1 meets all the safety standards. This helmet meets all the American ATSM F2040 and European EN1077 standards for climbing elements.  You can confidently wear your helmet knowing that it has met all the safety standards meaning that you are well protected.

Material Construction

If you have used a helmet before you will know that helmets respond differently to impact depending on the type of material used to make them. This means that different types of helmets will offer different levels of protection.

The Anti Ordinary A1 has perfectly taken care of this feature. The helmet is designed using non-Newtonian material that stiffens on impact. The material is soft and elastic in appearance but when exposed to impact, it stiffens offering the wearer protection.


If you want to make it to the end of the sport, you will need a helmet that perfectly fits on your head. If a helmet doesn’t fit then it is going to give you a hard time. Good fit translates to comfort. The A1 offers a variety of helmets made to fit your head and provide you with the comfort that you need when sporting. 


Helmets are naturally stuffy, thus the need to have a good ventilation system to ensure insulation and breathability. You want to make sure that you have fun to the end and not give up halfway because you are too sweaty.

You can think of all the possible choices out there but none will match the Anti Ordinary A1 when it comes to this feature. This product is made of merino fiber allowing room for ventilation and insulation.

Your snow climbing adventure doesn’t have to be cut short by a malfunctioning helmet. Choose the best helmet you can get in the market. Choose Anti Ordinary A1 helmet!

This product is designed to offer you all the aspects of a premium helmet. It is available in many colors and most importantly; it’s designed with non-Newtonian materials that stiffen when exposed to impact.

The Anti Ordinary A1 is the best choice for anyone seeking comfort and maximum protection.



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