828 Leggings: The World's First Bacteria-Fighting Leggings

<p>828 Leggings are the best-designed leggings on the market with a list of features never before seen. Once you have worn a pair of 828 Leggings, that is 8 am to 8 pm you will never look at another brand. These leggings are designed for all the runners, walkers, cyclists, yogis, dancers, mums, shoppers and students out there. Or simply for anyone that wants to wear the most comfortable and flattering activewear available.</p>
<h2>High Tech Fabric</h2>
<p>Completely designed and engineered every seam, stitch and cut in 828 Leggings has been made to maximize movement and hug and support your form. Nylon and high tech pure silver thread fabric is woven to create a four-way stretch meeting the needs of any activity. Never seen before, the silver thread woven into the fabric is the active ingredient that fights bacteria. Combined with the odor-blocking and quick drying technology these leggings will withstand any work out you can possibly come up with! The Argent Flex Fabric is also stain resistant, so for Mums juggling kids, fitness and the house your 828 Leggings will always look great.</p>
<h2>Awesome Features</h2>
<p>The unbelievable comfort is supported by extra clever features like pockets where you need them. Keep your smartphone handy against your thigh and listen to tunes or make calls on the go. The small secure rear zip up pocket is ideal for house or car keys, some cash or a debit or credit card. Flat-locked seams support hard working or tired muscles and eliminate any chance of chafing and the internal drawstring gives the wearer even greater flexibility to wear it their way. 828 Leggings come in two lengths; a 3/4 for the warmer months and full length for trail runs on cold winter mornings.</p>
<h2>No More Bacteria</h2>
<p>828 Leggings promises to eliminate and instantly kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact. This means even during the most strenuous of exercise in addition to ensuring no unsightly and embarrassing sweat marks, the resulting odor that comes from sweat lingering on your body and clothing is eliminated. No more feeling self-conscious and distracted by how you smell or look and back to 100% focus on your workout.</p>
<h2>How Silver Thread Works</h2>
<p>The silver in the thread which your 828 Leggings are made from creating a positive charge, while bacteria carries a negative one. Silver is drawn to this negative charge and then breaks down the cell wall and destroys it before it reproduces and eliminates odors completely.</p>
<h2>Wear Anywhere Comfort</h2>
<p>828 Leggings are designed to keep the wearer fresh, dry, supported and stylish. Warm in winter and cool in Summer. Made from the best quality high tech fabric these leggings will outlast your current wardrobe and with expert workmanship and timeless design 828 leggings can be worn every day of the week and still maintain their shape and integrity. Whether you are working out in the tropics, or an arid mountain environment 828 Leggings high tech fabric and quality design can go with you everywhere. You will feel comfortable, supported, dry, sleek and fresh and guaranteed to have a great work out or simply look good doing your day to day 828.</p>


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