Chirps Cricket Protein Powder: Eat Bugs, Get Buff!

John the Baptist ate crickets and wild honey to sustain himself in the harsh desert climate. We read this occurrence from the Bible. Bugs are a superfood of nature trumpets the founders of Chirps one of the very first insect-based food companies. Their story is as exciting as their venture.  Two college roommates ate bugs at the same time each on the different side of the world. One ate a caterpillar in Tanzania while the other bit into a skewered scorpion in China. And a third college student counted crickets until she fell asleep. Thus started their saga of an insect-based food company. And they have some big goals for the future of food!   5 Reasons to Eat Crickets    Do you know around 2 billion people around the globe feed on insects? Bugs are not only a staple diet in many parts of the world but are even considered a delicacy.  Crickets are a significant source of lean protein, minerals, and vitamins. They are a complete source of protein because they contain all the essential amino acids. Being a great alternative to animal protein crickets are the best way to reduce global warming. Crickets have a subtle nutty […]

FC BOLA: The World's Most Influential Soccer Match Ball.

Soccer unites nations. Origins of the game date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans and today, more than 260 million people worldwide kick the ball around in streets, fields and anywhere they can find space to show off their skills. When you give a child a soccer ball, you’re not just giving them a toy or sports equipment. You are giving them a dream. You are giving them hope. And above all, you are giving them joy. Soccer changes lives When you play soccer it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor. The greatest soccer player of all times grew up in poverty in Brazil, yet Pelé made it to fame and glory because he had talent, he was determined, and he had a dream. What he didn’t have as a child was a proper soccer ball to practice and improve his talent. He often used socks stuffed with newspapers which he and his friends would kick around the backstreets of his hometown. How many children worldwide look up to Pelé, would love to walk in his shoes, but can’t afford something as simple as a soccer ball, either? It all starts with a ball This is where BOLA […]

828 Leggings: The World's First Bacteria-Fighting Leggings

828 Leggings are the best-designed leggings on the market with a list of features never before seen. Once you have worn a pair of 828 Leggings, that is 8 am to 8 pm you will never look at another brand. These leggings are designed for all the runners, walkers, cyclists, yogis, dancers, mums, shoppers and students out there. Or simply for anyone that wants to wear the most comfortable and flattering activewear available. High Tech Fabric Completely designed and engineered every seam, stitch and cut in 828 Leggings has been made to maximize movement and hug and support your form. Nylon and high tech pure silver thread fabric is woven to create a four-way stretch meeting the needs of any activity. Never seen before, the silver thread woven into the fabric is the active ingredient that fights bacteria. Combined with the odor-blocking and quick drying technology these leggings will withstand any work out you can possibly come up with! The Argent Flex Fabric is also stain resistant, so for Mums juggling kids, fitness and the house your 828 Leggings will always look great. Awesome Features The unbelievable comfort is supported by extra clever features like pockets where you need them. […]

Casamera | The World's Softest Towels

  Are you looking for a towel that doesn't have a fraudulent label? Do you want a high quality towel made with the durable Egyptian cotton? Many cotton products come with the label 'Egyptian Cotton' but the products are not so. However the case is different for Casamera towels and these towels are the softest in the globe.  The process of making linen products in Egypt involves precise craftsmanship and this is better than what is obtainable in other places. The Casamera company has offices in Miami in Florida and Cairo in Egypt and Nile Delta is the place of production. This company aims to produce authentic and highly efficient products. The Design Of Casamera Towels These towels come in modern designs and are very much environmentally friendly. The  cotton products do not use harmful chemicals that is irritative to the skin and cause health misfits. The design of the towel has two sides. One side provides threads which maximise its air exposure and has a softer silky feel. The other side of the towel is a long pile and this enables the absorption and release of moisture. This makes the towel able to stay clean for a longer time. […]

KEYTO: The Key To Burning Fat Faster

Would you love to lose weight? Is a healthy lifestyle a desire for you? Would you love to know how fast your body burns fats? Worry no more, you can find this out in an instant using Keyto. With only one breath, Keyto gives you an immediate and precise analysis of your ketosis level and ways in which you can change your diet to achieve your preferred outcome. Ketosis is a metabolic process in which fat is broken down into ketones to be used as energy when there is a deficiency of glucose in your body. Using Keyto, you can quickly find out your Keyto levels varying from 1-10, each representing the level of ketosis in your body. Subsequently, it makes available tailored meal patterns, recipe suggestions, and nutritional guidelines. In addition, you can access videos from top fitness specialists that educate you on ketosis as well as interaction with other people who are advancing themselves using Keyto.   How Keyto Works The mechanism behind Keyto is the analysis of acetone levels that can be found in your breath when you indulge in a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is one which includes a high percentage of fats, a moderate […]

World's Most Advanced Insulation: LoftTek Adventure Jacket

Do you love to Travel? Does your heart melt when you think of mountains and rivers and snow? Well, mine does and I've turned my passion of seeing the world into a goal. Too much of my life has been wasted sitting on a couch in front of the Telly. Travelling is not just about going to a place that isn't home. It's about making a home wherever you go! Even if it is just for a day, you want to ensure that you love every minute of your trip and are relaxed and comforted. I found that a big part of making this happen was who I travelled with! My Travel Buddy is super important to me and turns out, it isn't a person, but a jacket!     Does Your Travel Buddy Do All This? You may say I'm crazy but think about it. The right jacket can solve a LOT of problems. Right from what to wear — umm, you can wear anything under that jacket and it doesn't really matter if you are repeating clothes or not. So you can pack light! And what about that age-old problem of freezing airports. Yes, even if you're going […]

TOLIYA TOWEL: Upgrading Your Bath, Sports & Travel Essential

Our fast-paced life craves certain arbitrary adjustments and this calls for multi-tasking products. Millennials are more active these days and always crave for some innovative accessories that will enrich their day-to-day lives. One such product we have that we use day-in-day-out is Toliya meaning towel in Hindi originated from India.  In a regular household, there are various types of towel items ranging from large, life-sized bath towels, small wash rags and handy towels for wash-basin etc. One challenge we all face is the regular cleaning of these towels and for them to be clean and in proper hygienic condition. Another challenge would be its storage and ability to fit in smaller places.  Usage: How wonderful would it be, if we have a product that will fulfill all these requirements, have flexible usage features that would help everyone irrespective of their lifestyles?  For a person interested in outdoor activities like camping, traveling and trekking, Toliya will come in handy as a product that absorbs water quickly, requires very limited space while packing and dries off easily. Also, for a light packer who prefers to keep limited items in his backup, a must-carry regular towel wouldn't be practical to carry around if […]

Technological Fat Reducer And Muscle-adding Device

Muscles are healthy; muscles are cool. Fat is not.  Have you ever wondered how to lose belly fat when you don't have time to exercise as much as you'd like? Or perhaps you've had an illness causing muscle atrophy, and you'd like to become fit and well again? How to build muscles at home Maybe you don't have time to go to a gym, or perhaps your budget just won't stretch to the fees. Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS) could be your answer. Tiny electrical impulses are used to contract muscles, building new fibers to give you both strength and endurance. How do you choose the best EMS device? One of the most important factors in making a choice is safety. The recognized standard for this is UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) certification. Other things to look at are ease of use, the range of features that the device offers, comfort and portability. The Technological Fat Reducer and Muscle-adding Device This exciting brand-new EMS device is a kit including two types of soft silicone pads: a pad for the abdominal muscles, and pads for other local areas. Each has its own rechargeable battery and a tiny electronic engine that communicates with a Smartphone. This enables you […]

The Straprack Home Fitness Gym

The Human body is a complex piece of machinery with the capacity of performing a variety of physical activities. Like all machines, they require maintenance and development in order to cope up with the demands of this ever-changing world. Consistency, work-life balance, and convenience — the three major external factors in developing ones fitness levels are hard to come by these days due work demands, family, and most especially TRAFFIC.   As an ambassador for physical health and a fitness enthusiast, I believe that everyone has the right to have access to physical wellness and exercise. Health professionals and fitness ambassadors all around the world are fighting a battle against deconditioning and sedentary lifestyles.      Can your current work-life balance accommodate your fitness goals? Does your daily commute take a big chunk of time which may have been dedicated to fitness? Are you a work-from-home parent who needs to juggle between family and work duties?  A company called Morphed Fitness rose to the challenge to meet the fitness demands of the population with their newest product — The STRAPRACK Home Fitness Gym.   The Straprack functions as a stable and efficient vertical-knee-raise machine, a pull-up bar and strap training system […]

FitCrain – Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker

Fitness is an essential part of our lifestyle in this day and age. Our ancestors did not have the luxuries we have today. They did not have cars or elevators or most of the technology and machines that make our lives easier. They also had time on their hands to eat well-cooked meals with fresher ingredients. Though these advancements are a good thing, they, unfortunately, make us lazy. We have drastically reduced the amount of exercise we do because these machines do most of the work for us. However, some new tech encourages us not to be lazy, such as the FitCrain Smart Bracelet. Eating habits In this fast-paced life we are living, cooking a home-made meal every day looks too fantastical. We do not have that much time on our hands, therefore, we opt for faster solutions such as pre-made food or take out. Even though this is a more convenient option, it might not be the healthiest. Fast food and ready-made meals contain preservatives and excess oils and salt which are harmful to the body when taken very often. Exercise helps us get rid of the extra calories we eat due to these habits. Increasing exercise every day […]

Di-Pro: A Bike Computer With 96 Hours GPS Tracking

In our busy lives, the biking could be a great escape from the tension in your daily activities and fantastic workout that is keeping you fit. Many people are cycling to work or using the bike as faster and cheaper transportation. Others are biking in the mountains like a great adventure in nature. Biking is bringing many benefits to our life and health, but all the bikers also know that it could be challenging. You could lose your track in places you don't know or to endanger your health if you don't check your physical conditions or how much power or speed you need to climb up or to pass through some areas. If you know your heartbeat, riding time, distance, speed and power rates, it will be easier, smarter and safer to ride no matter where you are biking. There are many devices for that, but they often can't resist the weather or don't have enough power or functions. Now there is a great device that meets all your needs – Shanren Di-Pro.   Powerful bike computer Di-Pro is a bike computer that integrates the most important bike functions. It is a 96-hour high precision GPS system that tracks […]

NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts

Taking care of yourself should be a lifestyle, and this includes being physically active. However, your willpower to move around gets stalled when you started smelling unwanted body odor. Now, how are you going to continue this active lifestyle without getting distracted with your odor? These are what the NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts can do for you. 5 Reasons Why the NXTLVLETE: Premium Anti-Stink Gym, Sports & Travel Shirts Are Non-Negotiable Here is a sneak peek of the wonderful benefits of this shirt. Wearing this shirt could protect your health. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-stink feature. It is not magic. These two go hand in hand because it is not really sweating that causes body odor, but the bacteria produced from the combination of sweat and cheap fabric. Sadly, no matter how much deodorant or perfume you wear, you will still smell at a certain point. If you are living in a tropical country or currently experiencing summer, body odor becomes more inevitable. Avoiding bacteria is not only just about eliminating body odor, but also protecting your immune system from infection. You do not need antibiotics to kill bacteria. Instead, you might just need this […]

Fitness Junkies

  We all know that exercising regularly helps you maintain a healthy state of mind, a positive outlook towards life and boosts your self-confidence, not to mention the impact it has on your health. Whether it is the gym, a park or your basement, working out can be fun if you keep up with the practice.  What about continuity?  Motivation is key here and I know from experience that even when I got myself enrolled to take dancing classes I still lost interest at times and was looking for excuses to skip. The fun and the joy of doing a group activity went down the tubes. When my mind was willing, my body would be too weak to get that input of energy to start, to activate myself, to press 'play'. Some other times, it was the other way around.  Be creative One thing I have learned though is that with strong motivation, these barriers could be dispelled. Therefore, after struggles and lost battles, I have finally come to peace with myself. I have realised that we, as adults, are quite the same as kids when it comes to working out. They would rather be interested in doing the activity […]

Awenia Ski Goggles

Now hit the slopes with perfection! Surpassing your expectation, the OTG ski goggles ensures durability and provides you with the desired protection to your eyes from glare and impeccably increases your visibility in low light conditions. Designed while keeping all your winter sports in mind, these Awenia glares perfectly provides the unprecedented control of light and results in providing better vision and clarity. Delivering the maximum contrast and enhance visibility, the ski goggles allow you to have your next level fun without compromising on your comfort. Kick-in your adrenaline rush and get going! Impact Resistant Ski Glares The dual layer cylindrical glares are structured in such a way that it serves the purpose well for your winter sports. Ensuring prolonged usages, the anti-fog glares are made of high-quality material which makes it your perfect companion for your ski plans! The shock-resistant design allows you to get into your tough ski plans and enhances your adventure experience. No matter how hard you go, these ski goggles will never fail you! Enhanced Comfort The structural support across the nasal ensures comfort and allows you to breathe without any difficulty. Being one of the essential for your winter sports, the OTG ski goggles […]

Anti Ordinary A1 | The Beanie That's As Safe As A Helmet.

    Make your next adventure memorable by wearing the Anti ordinary A1. This helmet is made from soft material to provide you with comfort and easy fit. The Anti Ordinary A1 is also well designed to easily fit in your bag. When you think of durability, think of A1. The helmet is made of durable materials ensuring prolonged protection. Why the Anti Ordinary A1 Helmet? When buying a new helmet, you definitely will be interested in buying the newest model in the market. But Is Your Choice The Best? A good helmet is the one that provides you with maximum protection. But that is not all that matters. You will want to consider other things such as comfort, safety standards, material construction, fit, and proper ventilation. The Anti Ordinary A1 provides you with all these qualities. The designers of this amazing helmet created it considering all aspects of a quality helmet. Safety Standards Protection is what we all seek when buying a helmet. Unfortunately, not all helmets are designed to offer the kind of protection you may want and sometimes you get injured even when you have a helmet on. You will be happy to know that the Anti […]


Wonder how this little thing can be of such a huge favor to you? Let's see what exactly does it do. An appliance is something that you can rely on, without thinking much about it. A 'device' isn't very assuring now, is it? So I would say that the RideAir is an appliance that must be in the hands of every bike rider in the world. Based on how I see it, it is not something which makes things easier, it is a fundamental necessity for a bike rider.  How it works Putting it in a simple way, it is a bike tire inflation tool which has the ability to inflate your tires in a remarkably less amount of time.  Let us imagine it as a water bottle. Just as one fills up his bottle before he goes out riding on terrains, the RideAir is an impressively lightweight aluminum air tank around 500 grams and the size of a handy sports water bottle. Air is pumped into it which remains compressed and can be used whenever you run flat when outside.  RideAir- Music to a bike rider's ear Compressing air and keeping it with you as a portable tool on […]

ZK No.2: COSC Certified Swiss Made Automatic Diver/GMT Watch

The COSC Certified Swiss made Automatic Diver/GMT watch is of high quality and is the best of its kind that you can find in the global market. This type of watch is very suitable for globe-trotting. GMT Watch: The Definition What makes a watch a GMT watch? GMT means Greenwich Mean Time is the average of solar time. The theory of Greenwich Mean Time defines it as the time when the sun gets on top of the Prime Meridian at the highest point. This GMT refers to the average time when this very event takes place. The time of other parts of the world is often in comparison with this Greenwich Mean Time. A wristwatch that comes with GMT function is a GMT watch. This type of watch functions like another hour hand. How Does A GMT Watch Work? The GMT watch rotates each 24 hours or precisely half the speed of the next hour hand. This very second hour hand makes use of another scale and uses a reading of 24 in place of 12. The second hour hand is often inside the inner part of the dial. This GMT hand accounts for the entire 24 hours of each […]

Revamp Your Overall Muscle Health With This Cork Roller

Self-myofascial massage is another term for self-massage. It helps you to apply deep pressure to specific areas of your body to release muscular tension and tightness. Including foam roller exercises into your workout regime will prevent muscle soreness and tightness. Foam rolling helps to reduce adhesion, thickening, and tension of the connective tissues. As a result, there is less fatigue, enhanced range of motion and improved recovery.  Warbler is a great way to relax your muscles. Moreover, it promotes healthy blood circulation and breaks down scar tissue. It even relaxes muscles that may have become tight by sitting at your desk all day.  What is Warbler Warbler is a cork roller that enhances your fitness and stretching regimen. It is beautiful, sustainable, clean, expert-approved and high performing. This wonder cork roller eases muscle soreness, builds core stability, improves balance, relieves stress, and enhances mobility and flexibility.  Furthermore, it calms and stretches your muscles, corrects muscle imbalances, releases trigger points, and provides extra density to maximize the results. Additionally, it improves performance, boosts your immune system, prevents injury, breaks up scar tissue, eliminates chronic pain and speeds up recovery. Not to mention Warbler promotes a good night rest, removes lactic acid, […]

Flobody Gym – Shape Your Body From Anywhere

The Flobody Gym offers a compact portable gym so you can achieve all of your fitness goals from basically anywhere.  As so many of us are stuck in our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find the time to work out.  With the Flobody, it's easy to fit in exercise during our hectic lives.  Whether at home, at the studio, at the beach, or on a hike, it makes the opportunity to exercise so much more easily accessible.   Customizable to fit your Goals Whether you are a beginner or an instructor, its easy to customize your gym depending on what your needs and goals are.  With plenty of tools to help you work out and resources to help you learn and practice new exercises, you can easily find the right workout to fit your needs.  As you are able to adjust the weight for your needs, it works for all different fitness levels. Choose the Best Workout for You From pilates to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to strength training, the Flobody gym makes it easy for you to adjust to different workout styles and practice a variety of exercises.  Using simply one piece of equipment, there are hundreds of […]

BLADE-Ultimate A.I. Fitness Wireless Earphones

Looking for an all-time personalized coach that not only tracks your daily fitness routine but also gives you the right technique advice? What if you can do more than just listening to music on your earphones? Introducing the ultimate running and fitness coach, the BLADE, that is more than just earphones. Developed by Soul Electronics, the Blade is a set of AI-enabled earphones that tracks your movement and gives you personalized voice coaching, all in real-time. Let us look at a few features of the device and know why this is one of the best investments that you'll ever make. Real-Time Personalized Coaching First and foremost, the Blade comes with real-time movement tracker and uses this data to give you personalized instructions and advice. Soul Electronics has collaborated with BiomechEngine that collects your training data, evaluates it and gives immediate coaching advice. It estimates your running posture and suggests any corrections if needed. Bluetooth Enabled With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology enabled on the earphones, Blade is able to transfer data at a 2x faster rate and a 4x wider range. Supreme Sound Quality With solid Bluetooth connectivity, Blade is able to transfer audio with minimum data loss and ultimate […]

MDRN ATHLETE – Sports Nutrition And Supplements

After sweating for hours, are you in the perfect shape? Do you think exercise would be enough to help you achieve it? Certainly not! For a proper healthy physique, exercise count for 30% where it's the diet that counts for remaining. So, even if you are one of those who don't desire a perfect shape but wants a healthy consumption, MDRN ATHLETE Sports Nutrition and Supplements is a perfect choice for you. Your Health, Our Mission MDRN Athlete’s products are the result of the company’s love of fitness and passion for health to bring for athletes the cleanest as well as the best performing supplements. With 25 years of combined pharmaceutical knowledge and fitness, we continue to improving and bring innovation in a stale industry. The product is prepared under the vital consideration of fitness veterans, bodybuilders together with the medical professionals. Why MDRN Athlete? MDRN Athlete completely understands that for performing any kind of exercise, nutrition is imperative whether be it training regimens of sports, lifting weights, bodybuilding or endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. We have prepared the products keeping in mind the accelerate of an individual’s strength to boost up their performance. The products include […]


The keys to endurance training are straightforward but sometimes hard to achieve. You need a surplus of energy for long periods and to use it without gassing out or causing muscle damage. Supplements have been available for a long time that will help you do this with your long term fitness goals but what if you are running out of time? These situations call for more than your average endurance supplement. You need EndurElite’s “Formulators Cut.”  If you are short on time to reach your goal, this supplement was created for you!  Reach Your Goal The “Formulator’s Cut” is a well thought out combination of amino acids and extracts that cover all the bases to boost you to your goal. It packs a punch for not only a month of hardcore training but also the day you put all that hard work to the test. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose for enhanced endurance. Whatever the goal, everything you need is included to get you through that last push to reach it. Energy Boost Boosting energy is crucial to a supplement aimed at endurance training and it is addressed with ingredients that complement  one another. Caffeine anhydrous is the fastest […]

Goal Kick Soccer

Get all your soccer uniform, kit, and footwear at Goal Kick Soccer. It is the go-to soccer supply source whose items are of distinguished features and remarkable functioning. Goal Kick Soccer is based in Northwest Iowa and is a company that supplies soccer products made from suitable, effective and superior material. Sports are a big part of our lives and either directly or indirectly we are involved in them and more so soccer for most of us. It is one of the most revered, celebrated and popular sports in the world and we support our teams, countries and ourselves too by putting on proudly soccer garments and making sure we train and maintain our soccer equipment.  Soccer attire, gear, and footwear come in all types, shapes, and sizes. Goal Kick Soccer provides all these items that have been categorized into collections, equipment, brands and much more at reasonable costs. From a soccer shop that managed indoor soccer program located in Spencer in 2001 to a large facility and their own built specialized indoor complex now, Goal Kick Soccer flourishes via their website, indoor program and calls in on visiting clubs in the aim of assisting them with their subsequent orders. […]