Best Water Bottle for Trail Running

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Hydrapak UltraFlask – Collapsible Soft Flask Water Bottle

Ultralight hydration – makes A great hydration addition or replacement for distance or trail running. 100% BPA & PVC free – no weird taste, and no unnecessary or harmful chemicals.

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What makes this the Best Trail Running Water Bottle?

There are a lot of options in the market when you look for a water bottle for running. Do not just go for one which only gives you the ability to carry water. It has to offer more. The Hydrapak UltraFlask is among the best in the market due to the features it offers.


The very first thing that you will notice with this water bottle is how packable it is. When collapsed, it could easily fit on your vest or your running belt. This makes it very convenient to bring whatever activity you do outdoor which includes trail running.

If you decide to bring with you the usual water bottle, you could still bring this collapsable flask as an extra water container especially when the weather is too hot. You could easily tuck it neatly in your vest or belt.

Light Weight

And since its packable, it also means it carries less weight compared to other water bottles. It weighs at a tiny 42 grams. This flask is specifically designed for runners. Other water bottles carry some weight even without water in it which affects your overall running experience.

No Leak

The best thing about this flask is when you close the lid, it does not leak. Wherever you place it, water will never leak out. The bite valve was designed to re-seal after each sip that prevents drips. And after extended use, it still works perfectly.

This feature is perfect for trail running since it eliminates spillage of water while you are on the move. I had experience with other water bottles where water is spilling out when I run and it's quite irritating.

Things to Consider when Buying a Trail Running Water Bottle

One of the most important running gear to have when running is a water bottle. This is why you need to get one that you could use for a longer period of time and address your needs.

Prevent Water Leakage

When it comes to using water bottles, the most irritating experience happens when it starts to leak. There are times when you just want to pass the aid station fast after getting water. Sadly, the moment you start running, water slowly starts to drip. With this, it is very important to get one where you could securely close the lid. The bite valve should also be durable enough for constant use. This part of the water bottle is usually where leak starts.


Another thing I consider when buying a water bottle is its size. First, I check my running vest to ensure that the bottle fits on it. Some vests have small front containers so large water bottles would not fit. This is where a collapsable flask is very effective since it could easily fit on any size of the vest.


Since you will be using a water bottle on all your runs even when not running on the trail, it needs to be durable enough. The bite valve is often the area that is easily damaged. So be sure to get one where the valve area is durable. In my experience, the first water bottles I used did not last that long. After several months of use, the bite valve area got broken which resulted in constant dripping of water when I run.