Best Trail Running Vest for Ultramarathons

Photo by Brian Metzler on Unsplash

Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set

Stay hydrated and run unhindered with this lightweight stretch pack. Keep it simple. When the essential items are pared down to a minimum, you don't need a bulky pack. The Advanced Skin 5 Set wraps your essentials around you, front and back, so it's accessible while you're moving.

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What Makes This The Best Trail Running Vest?

For ultra marathons, using a hydration vest is a must. Trail running itself is a challenging sport and if you add more distance to it, the more it demands from a runner. Most of the time when I do trail running, I use a vest. And the best one available in the market today would be the Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set. Below are the reasons why.


When you do trail running in long distances, the first thing that your vest should provide is comfort. If things get messy with your vest after a couple of miles, it affects your performance. The Salomon Adv Skin 5 Set has elastic power air mesh and motion fit so running is comfortable and it feels like the vest is part of your body. It’s light so it does not bounce. And since it does not bounce it prevents any kind of chafing in the upper part of your body which is a common issue with other vests.

Carrying Capability

We all have different nutrition plans when running a race. But surely, you need to bring something on your run. This vest is capable of holding everything you need for your trail run. You can carry things with ease like water bottles, gels, phone, light jacket, food, and others. The vest is stretchable so that you can place everything you need. It has lots of pockets located strategically on the vest so you could easily get what you need without completely removing it.

Great Quality

When it comes to buying my running gears, as much as possible I go with products with High Quality. And since this vest comes from one of the best brands in running, expect it to be of high quality. It means that you could use this product for several years. I have a friend who has a Salomon vest which he has been using for more than 3 years now. Mine is still less than a year and so far I don’t have any worries when it comes to its quality.

Things To Consider When Buying A Trail Running Vest

If you want to have a good experience on the trail especially when it comes to running long distances, it is necessary to invest in the right hydration vest.


Choose a vest that fits well on your body. If it does not fit well, it will lead to unnecessary bounces leading to constant rubbing with some parts of your body. You don’t want to experience this kind of discomfort. So it’s important to choose one that has a good fit and make sure that you get the right size.


The best vest has to allow you to bring all the things you need to keep your level of energy and stay hydrated throughout the race. Take note that the Adv Skin 5 Set is stretchable so even if it looks small it could carry a lot. You could even bring with you an extra light shirt which is pretty useful when you’re training.


For trail runners, after the shoes, the hydration vest is the next important thing to have. When you run on the road, most of the time you don’t need to have a vest since you could just buy what you need along the way in some stores. However, when you are on the trail, there is no place to buy things. This only means that you will be using your vest a lot. For this reason, quality is very important. Get a vest that you could use for several years before considering buying a new one.