Best Trail Running Shoes For Muddy Conditions

Photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash

Salomon Mens Speedcross 4 Trail Runner Running Shoe Poseidon

The 4Th edition of this iconic running shoe turns the normal image of refinement on its head. Lightweight, highly cushioned and with Monster grip on soft trail conditions, the speedcross 4 delivers more raw fun than ever.

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What Makes This The Best Trail Running Shoe?

I have been using this trail running shoe for almost 3 years already and aside from running I also used it for hiking. Below are the reasons why I love this shoe.

Known Brand

When it comes to trail running, the popular brands have a lot of knowledge about what to add to their shoes to make it better. This is mainly because they have sponsored athletes that use their shoe so they have all the resources to experiment what works best for runners. And with a known brand, you could expect that you get what you paid for though it's a little expensive.

Top Class Quality

As mentioned, I have used this shoe for many races already but still, I did not see a need to replace it. It has already had some damages but nothing that would present me from using it for my next 50km running event.

Quick-Lace System

This is one of my favorite features of this shoe. Its quick lace system is very convenient. There are just times when running on the trail that I feel like removing my shoe and putting it back again is a breeze.

Things To Consider When Buying A Trail Running Shoe

If you want to have the best experience when it comes to trail running, having the best pair of shoes is a must. You need shoes that are specifically built for the environment beyond the payment like muds, roots, and water.


In most recent years, many brands have been working on improvements in this aspect of trail running shoes. The main purpose of cushioning is comfort and protection. That is why if your planning to run long distance races, your shoe has to have that proper cushioning.

Water Proof Features

This feature is pretty important since you will surely experience rain and mud on the trail. As much as possible you want a shoe that could keep your dry for a longer period of time. If your feet easily gets wet just because of mud, you would easily get blisters which will make running very uncomfortable and painful.


The shoe you wear must have the perfect fit. It should not be too small or too large. There are also shoes which are made that fits perfectly, so try to consider this as well when buying. With this SpeedCross 4, the very first time I wore it, I could immediately say that it's a good fit. It is not too wide but not too narrow as well.


Though you won't see its importance on short distances, when you run long distance trail events, this would be very useful. Lighter shoes are better. You can run faster and it will not add up to the struggle when long-distance running.