Best Trail Running Poles for Ultramarathons

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles

With 100% carbon construction, the Distance Carbon Z weighs just 9 ounces and features a three-section foldable design that allows for fast-response deployment.

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What makes this the Best Trail Running Poles?

Though I have only used a running pole once, I think it's a good investment especially when the total elevation of your running event is high. And if you want to go faster. Below are some of the reasons why the Distance Carbon Z is the best choice for you.


This running pole features a foam grip which makes it comfortable to hold even for long hours. The foam is made of a material that helps wick away sweat – quite a useful feature for those with sweaty palms. The grip is constructed in a way that lets air flow through your hand.

And since its foam, it helps shave some weight. As much as possible you want your poles to be as light as possible. It also has a padded wrist strap to help you keep the pole on your hand.


The best feature of the Distance Carbon Z is its weight. This pair is only 10 ounces. It is one of the lightest poles in the market. Black Diamond was able to effectively shave weight on this pole without compromising its other metrics.

Locking Mechanism

This pole offers a secure locking mechanism with a push button which you will find near the top of the pole. This makes assemble and disassemble of the pole easy for runners. The lock is also secure enough to withstand heavy usage.

Packed Size

Another advantage of this Black Diamond pole is its packed size. So if you won't be using it, you could easily place it on your running vest. You can pack the pole down to 13 inches.

Things To Consider When Buying A Trail Running Pole

Though picking a running pole seems to be a straightforward job, there are still some important things to consider. Since it will be an added weight on your vest getting the best one for you is important.


The pole must be lightweight since any added weight will affect you in the long run. And when you are in high elevation, the weight of your running pole could affect your performance.

A lightweight pole also makes it easy for a runner to maneuver through the trail. On my personal experience, the weight of the pole will not matter during the early part of the run. However, in the long run, you will notice that the pole becomes heavier as you get exhausted.


Since your pole will be in for a lot of bashing on roots and rocks, it has to be durable. It is best to invest in one with a reliable brand like a Black Diamond so you could be sure that it will not break while you are using it. Even though it cost higher, the good part is that you'll be able to use it longer. Using the same pole for over some time allows you to get used to it. Thus, being able to use it more efficiently with less effort on your part.


One factor that I often hear when it comes to using running poles is its length. Make sure that you do your research on how to find out the best length for your height. I highly suggest that you get in touch with a friend who has been using a running pole for a long time to help you decide the length of your pole.

A friend of mine who has been using a running pole for a long time told me to go for a length that will allow the elbow to be between 80-100 degrees when holding it.