Best Trail Running Headlamp for Ultramarathons

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PETZL – NAO+ Headlamp, 750 Lumens, Bluetooth Enabled

With its luminosity of 750 lumens, the NAO + is the ultimate for demanding sports like trail running. The intelligent, programmable headlamp is characterized by the performance. Thanks to the mobile app MyPetzl Light, you can check the remaining luminous time in real-time and adjust the performance of his headlamp.

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What makes this the Best Trail Running Headlamp?

I personally have a preference for the Petzl brand when it comes to outdoor equipment. I started using the Petzl brand during the time when I was still into hiking. And the moment I started trail running, I also used a Petzel headlamp. With this, I think the PETZL NAO + is a good option for anyone looking for a running headlamp. And below are the reasons why its the best.


When choosing any equipment today, it is always good to start with the features. Go for one with an excellent technology feature since it will help a lot. For the PETZL NAO +, it has Reactive Lighting Technology which uses a brightness sensor to automatically adjust the light power. You can also connect the device on your smartphone and use the Petzl app. With the use of this app, you could check the battery status of your lamp and also adjust its performance depending on your activity.

Its 750 lumens makes it among the most powerful headlamps in the market today. Excellent light and a great beam distance are what you need especially when you are running in the dark in technical sections of the trail. The good light source allows you to maneuver the trail with ease and safely.

Battery Life

The Reactive Lighting Technology in this headlamp allows you to use it for longer hours. Its burnout time is up to 12 hours. This means that it could help you get through the night with proper lighting. You don’t need to bring any extra headlamp.

The battery is also rechargeable so there is no need for you to keep on buying those disposable batteries. Personally, I prefer using a headlamp that is rechargeable not only for convenience but also it somehow helps in nature conservation.


This headlamp comes with ergonomic straps that provide comfort to the user. The design is also made in order to prevent the headlamp from sliding down. So all you need to do is to focus on running, not only keeping your headlamp in place.

Things To Consider When Buying A Trail Running Headlamp

When I bought my first headlamp, I actually did not think that much about which one to consider as long as it fits my budget. The only important thing for me is it works. I also considered one in the higher price range. I don't go for the cheapest since it often fails to perform. When buying your running headlamp, below are important things to consider.


In running, comfort is very important. You need to be comfortable in everything you wear including your headlamp. I could remember the time when I forgot to bring my headlamp in one event so I had to borrow one from a friend of mine. Though it worked, I was not comfortable using it since it did not fit well and easily bounce on my head. When I tried to make it tighter, I started feeling some slight pain on my head.

The headlamp should be comfortable on your head especially since you will be using it for long hours. As much as possible it should not bounce or the bouncing should be minimal.


I realized the importance of a powerful headlamp when I twisted my ankle on the trail. Good thing was that the effect was not that serious. I was still able to finish the race. But yes, I had to deal with a slight injury for about a week. The incident happened because I was not expecting a certain portion of the trail to be that deep due to the darkness and my headlamp was not that bright. I think it was due to the battery I used. The moment I stepped on that part of the trail, I twisted my ankle since the portion of quite deep and I was not prepared for it.

From then on, I made sure to check my batteries and changed my headlamp to one that provides better lighting. I have learned my lesson.

Battery Life

This could be the most important thing to consider, the battery life of the headlamp. The worst thing that could happen to you on the trail is burning out your battery in the dark. This is why you always need to bring your cellphone with you just since you can use it as a torch in emergency cases. In order to avoid such an ordeal, be sure that the headlamp you purchase has long battery life. A battery life of 10 hours or more is good enough.

Water Resistance

It is also important for a headlamp to be water-resistant especially when you are joining a race where there is a high chance of rain. Though most of the time, you won’t be running on a rainy night, it all depends on the race that you will be joining. So you won’t have any problem regardless of the weather, it is best to go for one that is already water-resistant. So if you are running on the trail and it suddenly rains, you don’t have to worry about your headlamp’s condition.