Best Socks for Trail Running

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MudGear Trail Running Socks for Men and Women

MudGear Trail Running Socks are built for the competitive outdoor athlete. They excel on the open trail, in endurance and adventure races, obstacle course racing, and in outdoor training.

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What makes this the Best Trail Running Socks?

There are now a lot of running socks available in the market. To make the best investment go for one that is perfect when it comes to running on the trail.


As mentioned above, the main reason for wearing the right socks is it helps prevent blisters. The MudGear Trail Running Socks is designed to prevent your feet from having blisters even when you will be running for long hours on a muddy trail. It is made of a fabric that keeps away the water keeping your feet dry most of the time.


Durability is not an issue with this sock. It was constructed to be strong enough to withstand running on uneven surfaces. The fabric will remain strong and comfortable on your feet for a long period of time.

Vented Mesh Top

You want your feet to be as comfortable as possible when you run. This is because it is already dealing with a lot of pressure supporting your body when running. Good thing this sock has a breathable mesh top. This allows the heat accumulated inside your feet to freely flow outside. This breathable feature adds up to the comfort this sock offers.

Things to Consider when Buying Trail Running Socks

There seems to be nothing to think about when buying a running sock. But, the truth is, there are some important factors that you have to consider.

Prevents Blister

Since the socks will be used for trail running, it is very important that it could help prevent blisters. You definitely would not want to get a blister midway of the race since it will be uncomfortable. If you won't address the blister problem during the race, it could result to so much pain.

You will be lucky enough if you could still run with a blister until the finish line. But why bother going through this discomfort when you can prevent it by using the right socks.

I did not know about blister-proof sucks before. So the first time I encountered a blister, was on my first 50km trail run. I think the rain in the early part of the race contributed a lot to it. Since then, I started using socks that have anti-blister properties. Glad I made that decision.

Comfort and Breathable

The socks should also be comfortable on your feet. It has to offer enough cushioning to make you feel comfortable even when running for several hours on the trail. Having a breathable feature is also necessary for times on the race where the weather is pretty hot.


The first running sucks I purchased only lasted for 6 months of use. After this, I decided to invest in more durable socks. The MudGear Trail Running Socks I'm currently using has been with me for over a year now. It is better to choose a sock that is more durable even though it might cost a little higher.