Best Running Belts for Trail Running

Photo by Fil Mazzarino on Unsplash

Fitletic Hydra 16 Hydration Belt

The β€œHYDRA 16” V2 by FITLETIC revolutionizes running hydration! This state of the art race belt contours to your body for superior comfort and fit, and has innovative silicone grippers to eliminate bounce.

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What makes this the Best Running Belt for Trail Running?

For very short distances, there is no need to use a running belt. However, when the distance is more than 10km, I highly suggest investing in a running belt especially when you are still a beginner. You do not want to run into trouble without anything with you. Below are some reason why the Fitletic Hydration Belt is the best choice

No-Bounce Feature

This hydration belt comes with a patented no-bounce feature. The belt is comfortable to use because it does not bounce around when you run. This is made possible with the use of innovative silicone grippers that eliminate bounce.

Aside from less to no bounce when you run, it also has a superior fit that contours to your body. You will surely find this belt very comfortable to wear.

2 Water Bottle Holsters

The belt also comes with 2 quick-draw holsters that could carry 8 oz flasks. These water holsters are very important to ensure that you don't run out of water on the trail.

Energy-Gel Loops

When you run on the trail regardless of the distance, it is necessary to bring at least 1 energy gel. You don't need to worry about where to place this gel since the belt comes with an energy gel loops which you can easily access.

More Features

Aside from the things mentioned above, the belt also comes with race bib toggles. You can use this on races so you don't have to pin your race bib on your clothing preventing any damage.

It also improves your visibility at night with high visibility reflectors. The pouch is big enough to fit most mobile phones and other things you might need to bring with you. This way, you'll have a secure place for your cellphone and other valuables.

Things to Consider when Buying a Running Belt

When you do trail running, it is best to use a running belt to keep your belongings secure. But since using belts sometimes means inconvenient, you need to get the right one for you that is comfortable to use.

Less Bounce

The most important thing consider when buying a running belt is how effective it is in dealing with bounce. When running with a belt, there would surely be some bouncing. But, belts these days have technology that helps lessen this bounce for better comfort and convenience.

Go for one that helps prevent bounce. And in line with dealing with unnecessary bounce, the belt should also be of a good fit. When it is too loose, it would easily bounce around your waist.

Water Bottle Holster

There are running belts that offer less bounce but does not provide an area to place your water bottle. It is best to go for one with a water bottle holster since you will need to bring water with you when you run. This is very important for beginners. You don't want to feel thirsty on the trail with no water available.


You need to feel comfortable running with the belt. Though at first, you might find it irritating, you'll slowly get used to it especially when you buy the best one in the market. A good way to ensure comfort is to choose one that has a soft-adjustable elastic waist belt. The running belt should not be too big since it would weigh more.