Best Jacket for Trail Running

Photo by Nourdine Diouane on Unsplash

Salomon Bonatti Wp Jacket M

Lightweight fabric that follows your movements, breathable weather protection plus minimalist details all come together in the BONATTI WP JACKET for men. It also handily packs into its own chest pocket. Essential gear for mountain running, it can handle the tough and the knarly.

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What Makes this the BestTrail Running Jacket?

When you buy a jacket for running, it would be ideal to go for one with a good brand to ensure quality. I have seen some runners using jackets which are not intended for running and they surely have regretted their decision. So be sure that the one you use is fit for running. With this, you'll never go wrong with Salomon Bonatti Jacket.


The Salomon brand continuously creates outstanding jackets for running and among its common features is being lightweight. When you wear this jacket, its weight will never bother you – it only weighs 130g. This is very important since you want to be as light as possible when you run.

Waterproof and Windproof

The Salomon jacket offers runners with great water protection from rain as well as wind. And while it keeps aways water and wind, it still maintains a comfortable level of breathability thanks to its AdvancedSkin Dry 10/10 fabric. The zip is waterproof as well.

I have had experienced with wearing different running jackets and I would say that the one from Salomon was the most comfortable and breathable. When you touch the fabric, you will realize that it is a lot softer compared to other jackets. And because of this, it doesn't irritate the skin when you're running.

Active Fit Feature

This running jacket is also known for its excellent fit due to its Activefit feature. It has elastic sections that keep the jacket in place while not restricting your movements. The hood is an excellent fit as well.

One of the common issues with running jackets is that the hood comes off easily. But, with the Salomon Bonatti jacket, it won't be a problem. This is made possible using a stretch panel inside the hood keeping it in place even if it becomes windy.

Things to Consider when Buying a Trail Running Jacket

Finding the best running jacket for your next run is not that hard to do. Below are some of the things to consider to get the right one.

WaterProof and WindProof Feature

The main purpose of bringing a running jacket when you run is in case of rain. It would be more comfortable to run when you are warm and dry than soaking wet. The jacket should be able to keep you dry until the rain stops or you reach a section where it is not raining anymore.

The jacket has to be windproof as well so you don't feel too cold. When it's windy, you would feel colder if the gear you use is not windproof.

Good Fit

When I was still a beginner in trail running, the first time I used a jacket was not a pleasant experience. Since I don't have one intended for running, I just used one that I used for hiking. Though it was pretty useful in keeping me warm while the event did not start yet, things became uncomfortable when I started running.

Since it was not a good fit, it keeps on rubbing on my skin and it was quite annoying at times. To keep you comfortable when you run, the jacket has to be a good fit.


If you wanted to use your running jacket for a long period of time, you need to get one with high quality. Every time I purchase a new running gear, I make sure to go for one with good quality even though its a bit expensive. It will pay off in the long run. Low-quality jackets easily get damaged especially in the underarm area.