Best Headgear for Trail Running

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Buff New Original

BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear has been re-engineered with a 4-Way, seamless, ULTRA STRETCH fabric construction that features UPF 50 protection, and REPREVE performance microfiber fabric.

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What makes this the Best Headgear for Trail Running

Before I used headgears, I was using running caps, but I find it less effective. Heat accumulates on my head in time. This is where headgears have the advantage. Below are what makes Buff headgears the best.

Light and Comfortable

The Buff Original headgear weighs only 1.4oz. It means you put it on your head and could just forget about it. It doesn't become uncomfortable on the head even after several hours of use. The headgear also stays in place regardless of your movements on the trail.

UPF 50 Sun Protection

When you run under the heat of the sun, you need gear for sun protection. UPF means “Ultraviolet Protection Factor ” which measures the effectiveness of the fabric as sun protection. And the value of 50 and up is under the excellent category. It could block at least 97% of UV radiation.

4-Way ULTRA STRETCH fabric

The Buff headgear is known for the quality of its fabric. It fits just right on your head because of its 4-way ultra-stretch fabric. Whether you have a small or big head, it won't be a problem. The headgear also features REPREVE performance microfiber fabric. It has already proven itself in the field of running. Many professional including non-professional runners use it.

Things to Consider when Buying a Running Headgear

There are now a lot of headgears in the market making it tempting to go for those which come at a very cheap price. However, be sure to think about the quality of the gear when buying. And this includes its functionality. Do not just buy any headgear, below are the things to consider.

Effective on Sun Protection

The first factor to consider is its ability to protect your head from too much sunlight. The headgear should offer UPF 50 or higher sun protection. Since this gear is often used during hot weather, it has to perform well under this circumstance.


Some headgears become uncomfortable because it's too loose. It doesn't stay on the part of the head where you want it to be. The one you choose should have a good fit so it stays in place. It also feels more comfortable on the head if the gear is a good fit.

Technical Fabrics

Get a headgear that features technical fabrics. The effectiveness of a headgear depends much on its fabric. So instead of just going for cheap gears with normal fabrics, better invest in the right gear that offers high-performance fabric.