Best Gaiters for Trail Running

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Salomon Trail Gaiters Low

Get dirty. Get dusty. Gravelly, snowy, thorny, grassy, whatever the loose, aggravating terrain you decide to forge, TRAIL GAITERS LOW will prevent it from reaching your feet. It connects easily to your shoes, and even helps protect your ankles.

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What makes this the Best Trail Running Gaiter?

Though you could still do trail running without a gaiter, soon enough you will experience the inconvenience when stones get into your shoes. Below is the reason why investing in the Salomon Trail Gaiters Low is a good decision.

Easy to Attach

This gaiter is designed to be easy to attach to any shoe. All you need to do is securely position the strap at the bottom part of the shoe, wrap around your ankle and lock. The wrap-around design works well in securing your shoe from any fragments. In using this gaiter, make sure that the strap perfectly fits the logs under the shoe.

Fits Well

Aside from easy attachment, it also fits well regardless of size. This is because it could easily be adjusted. The common problem with other gaiters is it does not fit well which leaves some room for mud to get inside your shoe.

And since it fits well, you won't notice that you are using a gaiter when running. It is made of a stretchy fabric that flexes with any movement of your feet. For best performance make sure that the socks you wear are over your ankle so when you wear the gaiter, you won't easily feel it.


The Salomon Trail Gaiters Low is made of a very durable strap. Even if it is placed under your shoe and most likely will have contact on the ground, it won't be damaged easily. And the fabric of the mesh around your foot is highly durable as well. This simply means more running time with this pair of gaiters.

Things to Consider when Buying Trail Running Gaiters

Choosing a gaiter is not that hard to do. There are only a few things that you have to consider. These factors are listed below.

Secure Attachment to your Shoe

The most important thing to consider when buying a gaiter is knowing if it would firmly attach to the shoes your wearing. It's a big inconvenience while running when you see the gaiter coming off the shoe because it's not securely locked. It has to be securely attached to your shoe the whole part of the race.

To get the right gaiter, make sure that you consider the shoes you are wearing.


When we talk about trail running gear, quality is very important. The gaiter has to be durable enough to withstand the different elements on the trail that could damage it especially considering that the gaiter is nearest to your shoes. You will know at first glance that a gaiter is durable or not. It should look and feel durable.

Breathable Fabric

The fabric of the gaiter has to be breathable since you will be wrapping it around your ankle area. You will not realize the importance when you run on cold weather. But, when the weather becomes hot, your gaiter could make your feet extra hot if it's not breathable.