Yoga: Have Fun And Get Fit


To start I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my story; how and why I have been taking action to make a positive change in my life, to get better health and self-esteem.

My name is Sharon, I’m 24 years old girl; at 19, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and severe low back pain, a year ago I had a relapse; this caused me many limitations and daily pains, been honest the pain was so hard and I wasn’t encouraged to do any kind of physical activity.

My health condition made me meditate and realize that I was leading a lifestyle based just on many working hours, poor diet, many medications, little rest and no time for myself. Some months ago I decided to workout at home, but I wasn’t sure how to get started. In May of this current year, I decided to enroll me in a gym, and do something for myself, for my health to calm the pain. I should be honest, I was also passing through so many hard times, I felt depressed, and I thought hey it’s time to change! for good. When I started on the gym thing I did cardio, and so many workout routines that yes, helps me so much; but I felt I needed something more, something deeper, so I read about Yoga, and I decided to include it in my routine, I’m not an expert with Yoga, but I can say it helped me so much to reduce the spine pain and leave the medications, which motivated me a lot.

How Can Get Started?

I think we all want to be fit at some point in our lives, look and feel good, but sometimes our lifestyles and time don’t help us too much. That’s why based on my own experience I would recommend doing Yoga because it’s something that keeps out the stress of our mind, relax our body, help us to stay fit, which is good, as I said I’m not an expert in this practice but I did some research, about how to do the postures, I looked some videos to help me do it correctly, and yes I started first at home and then included in my workout routine at the gym.

There are options to start, maybe join specifically a yoga group, in someplace like a park or studio, to have an expert instructor, to do this practice with a friend that is doing for so long, or the option to do it by yourself with some research as I did. Also, the good thing about yoga is that you can do it wherever you want, on the beach, in your room, in a park. You just need a mat, comfy clothes and the spirit to practice something good and fun for your body and mind health.

About the time, you can do it for 20 minutes, or the time that you feel you need is just take the action to start! we must convince ourselves that the time to start is today! Gradually create the habit, until it becomes part of our lives. Everything is a process we can’t change our lifestyle, nutrition or habits from one day to another, but with baby steps and determination, we can get the results that we are looking for.

How Do I Find The Right Place For Me

Sometimes we’re afraid of doing something new in public, we’re ashamed to be ridiculous because we think that others are experts and that we are not capable to be good in that physical activity.

As humans, we have the incredible capacity to develop in whatever we wanna do, so there is no reason to feel fear or shame to make a positive change in our lives that will benefit our body. The right place is where we feel good and comfortable. Now a day, the Internet in general or some very friendly social media app helps us to find so many yoga groups, videos or places close to us and convenient according to our lifestyles. I decided to enroll in a gym, for its flexible schedules, for how convenient it’s for me and for the positive contribution that the gym environment has brought to my life, ’cause I’m able to use the workout machines but also I have my own space to do yoga without any judgment.

What Kind Of Benefits To Expect?

It’s important to know that living a sedentary life where we do not spend time on the health of our body is not a good thing. In my case, I understood everything about my health condition, that it’s something I have to learn live with, and that if I did not take care of my health or body by myself, no one would do it for me. When we take care of our health and we do something that to keep our body moving we can expect many positive changes, I would like to show you the Yoga benefits, I like to classify them in Physical and Psychological Benefits.

Physical Benefits:

* Improves our appearance and physical endurance
  • Regulates our blood pressure

  • Improves our cardiovascular system

  • Help us maintain adequate body weight

  • Improves our flexibility

  • Help us to have more energy and less fatigue

*Helps to improve posture and balance

*Relieves bone and muscle aches

Psychological Benefits:

* Increase our self-esteem, we’re gonna start looking prettier, we’ll realize that changes are possible and that will make us feel good.
  • It helps us to socialize more, doing something new also allows us to meet new people and even cultures, we can make new friends and that’s amazing.

  • Reduces stress and this helps us to be happier people to not be tense and to improve interpersonal relationships.

*It relaxes us and helps improve concentration.

*It improves our emotional stability, it helps us feel happy.


In summary, yoga could be a lifestyle that heals, cares and strengthens our body, mind, and spirit. You don’t need to be an expert, just consider that everything is possible but it’s a process of baby steps to get results. This physical activity is so good in many ways, if you’re facing bad times, it helps to clear your mind, if you are facing muscle or bone pain, yes it helps! If you are looking to have fun and meet new friends or just try something new, Yoga is the best option, everything is in the determination and perseverance you can start because you feel you need it or just to have fun while we keep fit.

Sharon Nicole Sanclemente

I’m an enterprising person, with a Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, coursing a Master Degree in Digital Marketing, with +5 years of experience in sales, customer service, and marketing. I have been developed in the field of tourism, hotel, retail, recruitment, and social media management; for my own business as for a local travel agency. I have a huge passion for writing and music.