Yoga: For fun and Fitness; how to get started


A million articles can be written about fitness, health, and the advantages of working out, but there will always be a reason for why one starts their journey. And a deeper connection to why one keeps doing it. For me, yoga has become every bit part of me as taking a shower or eating. It has formed a foundation to who I am and a purposeful journey to keep grounded.
Being a young woman in a world that is continuously moving and changing can be challenging. Having a full- time job as an events planner and, taking part-time classes keeps me quite busy. I am stressed most of the time. Adding the hustle of keeping fit can seem impossible, so I need to do something fun, light, and defiantly motivating that can cater to all my needs. My physical, mental, and spiritual well being are all equally important to me. Otherwise, it would be easy to let in depression and fear drag me down.
I have been practicing yoga for the last two years. My lifestyle has changed a lot since I started, and so has the reason why I’m in love with this workout. When I started, it was just a way for me to increase my flexibility. I was younger, my perspective different, a lot of free time and fewer responsibilities. Now I work long hours in a very high-stress environment. Sometimes an unhealthy lifestyle (parties and events every other day), I can lose my footing. Yoga helps me navigate through all these. Keeping my mind calm, my body healthy, and my soul at peace and now working out has become more of a fun lifestyle choice and not a tedious routine.

How to Get started.

First, you need to understand that fitness in any form is a journey that can never fully be mastered. You go further on your path to a fulfilling lifestyle; yoga is no different. Accept growth and challenges and don’t feel unmotivated or threatened if your progress is slow. Our bodies are different, and you need to allow yours to change at its own pace.

Register for a yoga class.

As a beginner, you will find it much easier to start your yoga fitness journey when you are not alone, and you have an instructor to help. When I started, I tried using home videos, but I soon realized that my form was all wrong. I was not getting much done hence wasting so much time with minimal effect on my body. That led me to slack around and lose the morale I had started with. It’s best if you enrolled for a beginner class at a local yoga studio or gym.

Start simple

If you want to make yoga fun, you need to remember less is more in this case. When you start yoga, your body will need to adjust. Spending too many hours doing it will not make a difference, and you will end up either overexerting yourself or pulling a muscle. The first step should be learning the basic yoga poses before you do a full flow. Stretch and give your body time to loosen up. Make it a fun experience rather than an awful one.

Invest in yoga equipment

During my first month of yoga practice, I often wondered why it was so expensive. I realized that I would easily spend the same amount of money on other things. Yoga, to me, was and is an investment in myself, long term, so what better way for me to make it a hobby, make it an investment. Get yourself an excellent non-slip mat, right yoga workout clothes, and anything else that is needed. An added advantage will be you can do your yoga anywhere. You could join different classes, including park yoga, when you need a change of scenery.

Talk to your doctor

With any workout, it is advised that you talk a medical professional. Most people always ignore those instructions. Talking to a doctor will allow you to get an evaluation of your body for you to know how to start without incurring injuries. Understanding your physical limitations or if you have a medical condition will help you and your instructor customize a sequence.

Accept your progress.

As much as you want to be able to do a split or king dance, remember that you cannot do it overnight, which is why it is called yoga practice. Yoga meets you where you are. Do not compare yourself to others; remember that your body is unique. Progress is different with each practitioner. Do what is comfortable to your body then push yourself just a little further to improve on your flexibility.


Having the proper purposes before you start your practice will help prepare your mind for the needed experience. Create a mind space of what you would like to achieve or what you would like to accept and center your mind to it. The intention will help in bringing you to the present, and you can begin your journey.

Learn to breath

It might sound futile, but learning to breathe is a big step to doing anything in life. It works as a center and a relaxation tool, find your balance, and gain control. Breathing will allow you to realize if you are straining while you hold a yoga pose. Do a little bit of research on Divga Pranayama before you start your yoga journey and do a little practice.

Choose your journey

My goal and your goal towards fitness are very different, and it’s the same for everyone. Own your journey, create an adventure, and set your milestone. Finding a fun aspect of any workout will help make it easier, and you will look forward to doing it more often. For me, it will always be beating the goals that I set every week. Seeing a difference in my progress each day and looking forward to hitting the mat.

What to expect from yoga practice

Changing your daily routine will guarantee results on your body. The effects are not only positive, but you should remember the adjustment period will prove a bit hard. What should you expect? Soreness: you are stretching your muscles more than your body is used to, of course, you will feel it. In the beginning, your legs might feel weak and sometimes even lifting a jug full of water will seem like a distressful task. There’s no need to worry about everything soon will get so much easier as you grow stronger. Your stress levels will decrease. Learning to breathe is a big part of yoga, and this will allow you to control both your psyche and emotions. You will realize that handling things will get more comfortable by staying in the present. Sleeping better will become a regular part of your life. Mornings are hard for everyone, and getting through the day without dozing off seems like a myth, but all this will change over time. Your days will be filled with energy, and you will start to get a good night’s rest. Be ready for setbacks. If I am honest sticking to a new workout routine is not as easy as what you see in movies or the workout videos we all try to follow. The one day you wake up and feel like you can’t get anything done, that’s when the actual test begins. Failing to keep up with your journey should not stop you from trying again, everybody goes through this, I know I have. Quitting a few times and starting again is a tale that everyone knows all too well. Change is not immediate. Remember that this is a journey. Just because you have not achieved what you wanted with the timeline that you set, does not mean that you have wasted your time. Change takes time, and perfection is just a construct. Be patient and cultivate your discipline and most importantly, do not forget to have fun.


Fitness has been an on and off journey for me but the one thing I know is I always do and feel so much after a good workout. There has never been a negative out come from being fit and healthy and I will keep that in mind always.