What Are the Benefits of Fitness Equipment?

2018-05-23 12:18:39

In a modern era where many struggle to find the time or place to exercise, is useful equipment unnecessary or a practical investment? The rising number of online personal trainers who offer stay-at-home fitness programs are causing many to see going to the gym or buying proper training equipment as a waste of money. Yet, is this idea really justified by the facts? It is well-known that some level of physical fitness can be achieved without the use of any gear, but many writers and “fitness experts” claim gyms and the apparatus of equipment they proffer are less effective than natural exercises with no equipment. But, do research and logic confirm these claims, or do they show the vitality of exercising machines and material? This question will be answered directly in each of the three main portions of the fitness realm: cardiovascular exercises, sports training, and bodybuilding.

The Relevance of Fitness Equipment in the Three Main Regions

Sports Training

Training for sports dominates the free time of many teens and adults, and most players recognize the importance of having equipment to assist them in becoming the best athletes they can be. The best way for one to excel in almost any activity is to increase one’s execution of the individual aspects which are involved in the sport. For every one of the actions required in the commonly played sports, there are pieces of equipment designed to improve performance much more effectively and quickly than just drilling the basics repetitively. Bat weights, ankle weights, agility ropes, and more exist for the reason of serving to improve performance in a specific portion of a sport. Any athlete’s training regiment, in contemporary times, includes some form of exercising using gear or machines. The denial of the benefits these pieces of equipment offer is directly contradictory to the outcomes constantly achieved, and there is no realistic way to achieve impressive results without any sort of material or gear.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular movements which involve fitness equipment are mainly biking and running; the discussion will be limited to these two as circuit training will be addressed with bodybuilding.


Treadmills and ellipticals have long been doubted as effective means of cardiovascular training, although ellipticals are typically exempt from debate because they are for people with joint issues not substitutes for running outside. It is surprising so many people do not believe running on a treadmill is as effective as regular running, yet so many individuals still use that piece of equipment on a regular basis. However, research has shown a treadmill set on a 1% gradient increase burns approximately the same amount of energy as running on level ground. Even though a treadmill is proven to be generally similar to running on the ground, does that mean the piece of equipment is vital for cardiovascular training? For most people, yes it does. Even in neighborhoods with superb sidewalks, running outside can be difficult, primarily in the winter or summer. In the country, vehicles speeding down back roads presents another danger for runners, and in every part of the earth, weather will prevent a person from being able to run outside at one point or another. Therefore, anyone who seeks to be a consistent runner needs to have a treadmill available for his or her use. Biking, more often than not, is considered a leisure activity rather than an intense cardiovascular movement, but it can be a vigorous and rewarding activity

Stationary Bikes

As is commonly known, stationary bikes are certainly as effective as actually biking, especially the high-end ones with online classes and realistic varying terrain. The only downside is one cannot enjoy a nice bike ride on a trail through the wild with splendid views. In conclusion, cardiovascular equipment such as a treadmill or a stationary bike is most beneficial for pursuing weight loss, improved stamina, or just a generally healthier body because it provides flexibility and ease of access while being just as effectual as running or biking outside.


Bodybuilding, being very broadly defined for this article, covers any exercises or routines which have the main purpose of influencing muscle rather than ability or cardiovascular endurance. Bodybuilding itself is so intimately related to weights and equipment it is rather difficult to believe people say the same results found in those who workout with more specialized equipment can be done at home without any sort of material. Most reputable individuals who offer routines for working out with no equipment or weights do not recommend it as a permanent means of fitness but as a way of exercising when one is unable to go to the gym or use her or his equipment at home. The “workout at home” routines, apps, and articles often seem to focus on the most effective ways to make muscle gains without purchasing any equipment or going to a gym, but often times, they fail to point out the increased level of speed and effectiveness which weights and other forms of equipment provide. Even though exercising with only one’s body-weight is certainly going to yield more results than doing nothing, gyms or a home workout apparatus are proven to provide more muscularity and strength in a shorter time.

Technical Talk

An excellent Australian study about resistance training, which is merely a more technical and descriptive terminology for bodybuilding, found it was necessary to alter the exercises, number of repetitions, and resistance experienced for maximum results. Doing any of those changes is all but impossible when one is doing body-weight exercises with no equipment at all. An investment in a gym membership or some home weight lifting equipment is not a waste as some have come to believe. A person working out consistently without weights or equipment simply will not match the muscle and strength gains made by a person working out just as regularly using an efficacious bodybuilding apparatus.

Beyond Just Weight Lifting

The same is true for circuit training and even calisthenics. The right equipment can make a world of difference in weight lose, muscle gain, and strength obtained. Where muscle gain is concerned, equipment and weights are vital for substantial results; however, this does not infer one has to go to a gym. Home workout equipment is a sound investment and a just alternative for those who do not have the time or inclination go to a gym.

The Ultimate Conclusion

A good fitness apparatus exists to save time and to offer convenience to those who use it. Bodybuilding, cardiovascular, and sports equipment all aim to make achieving fitness aspirations more accessible to people in this modern world. A gym membership or a piece of equipment is not a waste of money which people only buy because they saw an advertisement on TV, but rather a practical purchase. To doubt the effectiveness and usefulness of these fitness appliances given the amount of evidence–which supports their capacity to aide in building muscle, endurance, or skill–is to fail to capitalize on the advantages they provide. In any case where it is possible, those chasing their dreams of an ideal body or ability should strive to have regular access to a valuable setup of fitness equipment.

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