Tips to make your workout sessions fun

2019-07-06 08:18:22

I have experienced having an extreme obese level and working out to get into the best shape of my life. In my personal experience, going to the gym and working out isn’t exactly boring. I get excited whenever I lose a few inches on my waist or my bell goes in a little bit or when a new vein pops on my skin and I feel like the hulk.

Introduction to workout sessions

Difficulty in working out

I started working out when I was 20 years old and was weighing around 122kg. Yeah I know, HOLY SHH…!!! Even I get shocked when I think about my past weight.

But don’t worry, my weight went below a hundred within the first 6 months of hitting the gym and ever since I have been working out with occasional breaks here and there.

What to expect out of workout

When I started, everyone made me skeptical about my muscles hurting and how difficult it was and how it would take me months to see the signs of weight loss. Another myth that was being thrown around was that the gym will make me look bulkier than I already was.

Truth be told,

it didn’t hurt much. I lost around 6kgs, the first week I started hitting the gym. And I became leaner.

So if you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass, workout sessions are one of the best ways of going at it regardless of whether you decide to hit the gym or workout somewhere else.


My point?

There are endless benefits of workout sessions, you need to get off your butt and start making progress.


Having fun with your workout sessions

About six months after I started hitting the gym, my workout sessions gradually stopped being fun. It quickly went from, ‘I am having fun with my workout,’ to, ‘I workout to stay fit and maintain my health.’

It was like going to work just because you know you have to earn money some way.

I noticed that I wasn’t making any progress. Reasons?

I started making excuses to avoid going to the gym or workout. I stopped the intensity of my workout sessions and kept doing the same routine over and over again.

(Signs of not having fun)

I talked about this to one of the trainers at my gym and he gave me a piece of advice that made going to the gym or working out fun again. I am going to share what he shared with me and additionally give you some tips to make your workout sessions fun.

Having a workout partner

I know this seems like common sense, it did to me too when my trainer told me this but before you jump your guns on me, do this very simple exercise. Make a note of all the people working out and people working out with a partner.

You’ll be surprised seeing how many people tend to workout alone.

Workout partner

We are social animals and what makes any and everything fun is that we have someone to share it with. It may seem obvious but having a friend or a partner to workout with, makes it fun. A workout partner makes staying fit fun again.

You start working out together one day and before you know it, you are cracking jokes about each other, teasing and motivating each other to achieve new limits. It is found that people who exercise with a friend succeed in staying fit and are in much better shape than people who tend to exercise alone.

But how to find a workout partner

You can always start by looking at your contact list. Call a friend or a family member, text them.

Another way to get a workout buddy is by looking around you the next time you hit the gym or the beach. This way you can add new people to your contact list and be part of a circle.

The last tip to find a workout buddy is social media. Join Facebook groups, DM people on Instagram. The possibilities are endless with social media.

Create small milestones and celebrate them

Milestones are like mini victories that everyone needs to create and implement in their workout routine. The feeling of achieving a milestone and giving yourself self-five is addicting, to say the least. It always brings a smile on my face when I conquer a milestone and look myself in the mirror. Milestones help you keep track of your progress, push yourself to achieve new ones and at the same time make everything much more fun.

Celebrating small victory

Often we end up concentrating too much on doing the right that we forget that sometimes doing the wrong thing is pretty fun. So I say, every time you achieve a milestone, treat yourself with a small celebration. For example, if you can do only 10 perfect push-ups at the time and decided to create a milestone that within the next week, you’ll do 20. Upon achieving it, treat yourself with a small piece of chocolate or grab a friend and go out for dinner.

Don’t overthink it, just do it. It takes a lot more to get you out of the shape.

Workout dancing

It is a term that I created, guilty, but hear me out. By workout dancing, I mean setting up your workout routine according to the music you hear. In other words, Choreographing your workout routine.

In any condition, music makes everything fun.

Workout dancing is something that I saw browsing through youtube (you know you care about being fit when your youtube feed is filled with workout videos). I got recommended a video by ‘MadFit’ the title was- Billie Eilish bad guy full body workout. Naturally, I got curious and saw the video. It was amazing to see how she had planned a workout routine based on that one song. I couldn’t wait to do it.

Fun workout

I created a workout routine around a song that I like and honestly, it was so much fun to perform the workout.

I would recommend watching a few videos from MadFit so that you get an idea of what I mean by workout dancing. The next step is to fire up your favorite song/music/playlist and imagine yourself working out on the beat. The final step is to create a workout routine and having fun while staying fit.

This method is a curse and a blessing in itself. It helps you create new workout routines consistently but at the same time, you have to create those routines if not you will stop having fun with workout again.

I would suggest doing this in the morning; replace/add it to your cardio sessions.


In conclusion to make your workout sessions fun again do this:


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