Tips To Make Exercise A Lifestyle

2018-02-28 12:17:36

The thought of making exercise a lifestyle to maintain a good fitness level has constantly been a challenge for many people. Nevertheless, this challenging activity can be made easy by simply including exercise in your daily venture, which gradually makes it a lifestyle. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on exercise, as you do not have to always go to the gym to maintain your fitness level. When something becomes an enjoyable part of our everyday life, we get encouraged to do it without hesitating. Integrating exercise into your daily life is not as tricky as you think. The following tips will help you enjoy exercise and make it become a lifestyle.

Making exercise a lifestyle

Exercise First Thing In The Morning

This seems difficult, but the reason this works really well is that you may have appointments which clash with your exercise schedule. You are so much likely to stick with this and be more consistent if you get it done before you set out for the main business of the day. If you are able to stick with this for about two weeks, it will just feel normal after that. 

Early morning workout

Make Your Bed

As simple and easy as this looks, it is a very good way to kick-off your daily exercise routine. Your discipline begins with this simple task as lots of people feel lazy to do this every morning. Always remember, building the habit is far more important than the intensity of the exercise. This is why discipline is very important.

Grab And Squeeze A Tennis Ball

Try to keep a tennis ball by your bedside and ensure you grab and squeeze it before jumping out of bed every morning. Hold tightly for 5 to 10 seconds and release slowly. Repeat for about 10 to 15 times. This improves the strength of your handgrip.

Do A Constant Number Of Push-ups

Once you are out of bed, ensure you do a number of push-ups before stepping into the bathroom. One way to achieve this is to ensure you have a yoga mat permanently laid close to your bedside. This will encourage you to make this exercise a daily routine.

Push-ups help to build your muscles

Stand On One Foot While Brushing

This may sound funny, but it is an effective way to build your muscles. This activity also helps you maintain better balance while boosting your mood as you gradually get energized for the day’s activity.

Use The Staircase

Deliberately avoid the use of an elevator or an escalator at least once or twice a day. This can be done at home or at work as it helps build your muscles. The staircase is very useful for quality exercise as having a workout on it pushes your heart rate and increases your fitness stamina, which makes you stay in shape. You can simply do a mini-squat-jump on the first scale of the staircase or do a forward and backward movement to help improve your blood flow. 

Take A Walk

Taking a walk of few miles every day goes a long way to help burn some calories. You can deliberately keep your laundered garments a little far from the clothesline and do a routine of picking the garments one at a time.

Another way to intentionally take a walk is to park your car far away from your desired destination while you walk down from the parking area to where you need to be and back. Just ensure you often park your car as far away as possible to walk as long as you possibly can to burn those calories.

Take a walk to burn some calories

Avoid Sitting For Too Long

Sitting for long hours increases your chance of accumulating body fat. Try to establish some physical activity to avoid this even if your job requires sitting for long hours. Try cycling once in a while if you find yourself home alone on a weekend. You can also try taking your dog for a walk if you have one.

Use A Basket At The Supermarket

If there is a need for you to visit the supermarket, try placing a basket on both hands while shopping. The additional weight of the basket will boost your heart rate and burn some extra calories.

Create A Workout Plan

It is really important to create a workout plan as your daily routine of exercise can easily get interrupted if this isn’t in place, especially if you have kids around. You might want to do some activities very early in the morning or late in the evening. This all depends on the way your primary activities are structured each day.

Modify Your Workout

Boredom is the number one reason most people do not stick to an exercise plan. Try switching in-between different forms of exercise and try to get as many varieties into your workout schedule as you can to avoid getting bored along the way. Also, try to make fun out of the whole process. The more fun you make out of it, the less you see it as an exercise as it just becomes a habit.

Get An Exercise Partner

It doesn’t matter who this is, the whole idea is for you to remain encouraged and consistent with your routine. You can get a professional trainer who is going to improve the efficiency of your exercise by teaching you how to do it properly. Try to get the family involved as much as you can.

Exercising with a partner

Keep Your Appointment

Since you know that exercise is very important for your health, then you need to always ensure you keep the appointment on your schedule. Don’t make out excuses not to keep to your scheduled routine. Remember it takes a lot of discipline and determination.

Be Accountable

There are times when you don't follow your exercise schedule due to the occurrence of unexpected events. You need to really stay focused and disciplined to ensure one day or one week of missed schedule doesn’t extend to two days or two weeks as you might eventually find yourself taking sports and exercise away from your daily routine.

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