Stretching as an easy fitness activity


Hello! My name is Zoya. Today I am here to tell you my story of reaching the body I dreamed about. Currently, I am a student in the Department of English language and literature. Being 21 years old I am already a language teacher, philologist and the one who is seeking to open up new horizons for personal spiritual and career development. I have music, singing, physical exercises as my hobbies. However, there is only one activity I would like to tell you about and open up your eyes on.

Several years past when I started to treat exercising as something meaningful and essential. Though I put an end to treating exercising as simply the process of getting fit, I did not quit adjusting it to my daily routine by making it an integral part of my life. From simple squats, planks and crunches I started to gradually become familiar with the new interesting and unexplored approaches in fitness training which my body can like and be grateful for. That is how I came across stretching as one of the important parts of the fitness industry. By observing what is suitable for me and makes me feel at ease, what mixes well with my body type, daily nutrition, pressure from the university I found that stretching serves its purpose well.

How to know what fitness activity to choose

Daily exercising is not a set of simple moves but there is a much more hidden meaning to it. As there are vegetarians rejecting meat as something their organisms feel no need in, there are athletes who judge meat as an extra source of proteins. In this regard, bodybuilding and yoga carry completely different levels of physical conditioning, ration, spiritual behavior, etc. Listen to your body which is conscious and sub-conscious well-being, our emotional and physical states. Do not decide to do what the icons of the sports industry are known for but what you feel good at and what suits your identity. In particular, obtaining skinny body type I have been experiencing gym exercising to make me even skinnier as soon as I do home-base exercising without professional trainer assistance. The lifestyle I am leading does not let me fully control my diet. Besides, I need the specialist’s help to dictate the products I need to consume. Whereas in contrast in the case of stretching YouTube-learning, it does results in the way I want my body to be comfortably set. So low-intensity workouts in combination with stretching are what I found helpful. 


Think of why you need a particular fitness activity

As soon as I determined to be flexible, I started to make my head against several issues. Not only were there the motivational factors (your sub-conscious conditioning) but the lack of knowledge (conscious reasoning).  At the step you think of stretching, you might start questioning.
  1. Why do I need to be flexible? / How can it help me to be healthy and active?
  2. How will I use it in the real world, my daily life?

Pros and Cons of stretching

Some people tend to think of stretching as only a simple but crucial part of physical exercising although not so many treat it as a separate sports activity. Stretching itself is often seen as yoga, for instance, or gymnastics, or dancing. Still, it is a controversial issue whether there should be a mixed approach to it and if it generally is beneficial at all. Among some positive sides, there is that not only being flexible is for the people obtaining the skinny body types I do, but also for those who want to increase body mobility, who suffers the lack of motion. Moreover, stretching is just necessary for every workout to decrease the risk of injuries. It helps to achieve the desired range of mobility you need. If you do not want to have bulked up muscles but only to tone them up, stretching is also for you since it does not allow muscles to shorten. It lengthens them by proving a nice gentle stretch.

On the other hand, it is important to also recognize the disadvantages of the given activity. The failures coming from not knowing the basics of the routine might cost you injuries. For instance, cold muscles stretch may cause discomfort or even be ill-advised. Holding a certain position for too much time (it is believed to be more than 30 sec), you also risk being injured.

How to start stretching

After making up the mind to do stretching, you will see you did not expect choosing positions would be that difficult. In addition to it, all the moves you do should cause you no pain and discomfort. All you need is flexibility but not damage. For this reason, choose either a good online learning program or a professional trainer at once. He will provide you the possible set of exercises, tell when and how to concentrate on various muscle areas, to remember to warm your muscles up before each stretching session to put less stress on your body. It is better to start from lively lessons as soon as all you do is in the hands of your trainer. However, if you are not planning to become a professional gymnast or ballet dancer, building contacts in social-media is more than enough.  

Be proud of your fitness choice

Do not make it your duty to complete a certain collection of activities per day. Three times a week is good if you do it properly. Accurate, balanced moves will not only make you fit but also harmonize soul, “tune in” body with it. Looking for and then getting the desired things people want is challenging. The truth is, even the thought of care of body and soul already determines people are on the right track. To say nothing of reaching the set purpose for good, this is nothing but happiness.

Be positive with what you do. By observing, taking notes, constantly trying new methods to work out your body only, you find the “calling out” fitness activity which is needed.

Zoya Oganesyan

Hello! My name is Zoya and I am open to experience new things, meet new opportunities. I treat this chance of writing as a step towards receiving knowledge of sport industry. Moreover, this will motivate me to exersice and lead a healthy lifestyle, which I am currently eager to achieve.