staying fit while having fun with badminton


Being a mid-twenties physiotherapist keeping myself healthy and active while fulfilling all the responsibilities and daily tasks is a bit challenging for me. Fitness is not only the way of living a happy and healthy life but it is somehow a mandatory thing for me. Because when you are a physiotherapist people always idealize your fitness. My patients, as well as my, friends,  expect me a perfectly physically fit person. I work in a hospital, work as a freelancer as well as I am doing my Ms. So it becomes very difficult for me to make extra time for gym and proper work out plans. Moreover, I have always been a fun loving person. So doing something I love to do while keeping me fit includes my hobbies as walking, dancing and playing badminton.

I have always been fond of these sports since my childhood but when I started my university I took special attention to make some time for these activities as they make me feel fresh, active, tension free as well as increase my physical fitness.


badminton my favorite sport and how I started it:

Badminton is my favorite sport. I have been playing it with my siblings since my childhood. We used to play it daily in the morning in our garden. I always took part in it while having sports at my college too. I have always been interested in physical fitness, sports activities and their health benefits that’s why I have chosen physiotherapy as my profession. I am playing it for the purpose of staying fit for the past 6 years. So, keeping my own fitness as a priority is something necessary for my health as well as the profession.

why I love badminton?

Badminton for me not only acts as a substitute for a workout without going to the gym and requirements of all the equipment but it also makes me fresh and is a source of regaining my energy and having fun. I play it with my friends or siblings 3 to 4 times a week. Despite its health benefits it serves to provide a chance to stay connected with my friends and make time for my family members too. That’s why I love playing it.

how you can get started:

If you are interested in physical fitness which every one of us must be and you do not have time for the gym or you want some fun activity to serve as a fitness training, badminton is the sport of the choice. All you have to do is to buy a racket, a shuttlecock and a net from the market and these are not expensive pieces of equipment so you can easily afford them. Moreover, unlike other sports, you do not need a team of 10 or more members you just need one companion to start playing badminton with. So, it is the easiest and most convenient sport.

how to find a place or a group?

If you do not have any access to a proper badminton court you may play it in your home, garage,  garden or any space available nearby. You may play it in a team of 2 or 4 members depending upon the availability of your friends. If possible you may join a proper badminton club too in your society or some nearby place. It’s all up to the level of your interests and your schedule, that how much time you can spare for it. You may invite your neighbors or colleagues to play with you.

benefits of playing badminton:

It enhances your aerobic capacity. It improves the blood circulation of your body.

It causes the strengthening of the muscles.

It Improves the flexibility of muscles.

It increases bone health.

It burns fats and reduces weight.

Improves brain activity and mental alertness.

It improves and maintains body shape.

Playing sports or engaging in physical activities helps cure depression too.

Moreover, you learn the sportsman spirit and make healthy relations with your teammates.

some drawbacks:

One of the drawbacks of playing badminton is that you may feel fatigued or ache in muscles for a little bit of time at the very start only. But it is just because you have not indulged in any physical activity before it and your body is not used to of all this. When you will start playing it at regular intervals these symptoms will subside. So start with mild activity, do not overburden yourself and then slightly increase your activity levels by increasing your play time. Another drawback of playing badminton or any other sport is to get injured while playing it. So always follow the rules and play at a safe place. Keep a first aid kit with you and in case of injury consult your doctor and follow the instructions and rest period to ensure proper healing.

what to expect?

Do not expect to have all these benefits right after playing badminton for the first time. Once your body gets on pace with these activities you will start enjoying them as well. But it is necessary to make them a part of your daily routine or to practice them at regular intervals. Then, you will be able to have all the mentioned benefits as well as: It will make you more active in your life making it impossible for you to abandon your routine.

You will feel a positive shift in your energy levels as well as mental and physical health.

You will be less fatigued than before.

You will see a change in your brain alertness.

There will be an increase in physical activity status.

You will gain strength in your muscles.

It will increase your stamina for long working hours.

You will feel happy and energetic.

my passion for badminton:

My love and passion for badminton are never-ending. It has led me from playing it as a sport to becoming an official physiotherapist of a badminton team. And my next dream is to achieve this goal. So, make a list, analyze all of your daily routines and habits, think about your interests, invite your friends and try to incorporate these healthy habits to enjoy a healthy living while enjoying your life at best.


Momna Ghaffar

I am Momna Ghaffar an orthopaedic manual physical therapist from Pakistan. Working as consultant physiotherapist at Chugtai medical centre awaisia Lahore. I am a fitness trainer at Physiques. Fitness and writing are my passion. I love travelling and watching movies.