Stay fit with building a healthy body and mind through Yoga


“A healthy mind rests in a healthy and active body.” One year back while attending a fitness talk I stumbled across this line which made me evaluate a lot of lifestyle choices I was making in my life. When I processed the fact that many of my decisions were taken under thought confusion and an unstable mind I realized the impact it was having on my body. Subsequently, I thought about the eating and sleep habits I had which were irregular causing further distress and an unsatisfactory approach towards life.

How did I start?

One of my friends Mehak who is also a yoga trainer suggested I start practicing yoga. As I read about the philosophy of yoga I realized it’s much more than physical activity. It forms connectivity between your mind and your body, building a stable network of positive thoughts and a constructive decision-making process.

What did I do?

As my interest grew in the field of Yoga, I started watching videos online in order to train myself with the basic asanas. I started with ‘Surya Namaskar’ which is the sun salutation. It comprises of twelve basic steps or asanas which can help in stretching the body and making it more flexible. It is also focused on breathing through the nostrils and holding the postures in order to sustain that energy and make the body strong.

Some basic asanas

As a beginner, you might want to engage in some of the elementary asanas in order to build your stamina and work towards flexibility and building strength. Some common asanas are the Tadasana: mountain pose, Vrikshasana: tree pose, Adho Mukho Svanasana: downward facing dog pose, Trikonasana: triangle pose, Kursiasana: chair pose, Naukasana: boat pose and Bhujangasana: cobra pose. These asanas as a beginner would help in understanding the initial basics of Yoga and more asanas can be attempted gradually.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. It helps in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.
  2. You learn to regulate your breath which in turn helps in proper blood flow preventing many respiratory and heart diseases.
  3. It helps you to calm your mind and think more productively.
  4. It is also helpful in maintaining a more healthy and flexible body.
  5. Practicing yoga can help you to switch to healthy food habits as well.
  6. You can practice yoga at any time of the day. However, a two-hour gap should be given after meals to avoid any discomfort.

Drawbacks of Yoga

  1. Finding time for yoga in case of a busy work schedule can be a challenge for some. In such cases, the practice can be shifted from every day to three times a week or on weekends or the time can be reduced for each session.
  2. If you have health issues that restrict you from practicing yoga, you can consult your doctor. There are asanas suggested for many health conditions which could help in a healthy recovery.
  3. Commitment is a core aspect of practicing Yoga which can also serve as a barrier and one should be careful of the same.
More than the time you devote or the space you have, yoga helps you regulate your energies towards a channel of peaceful thought and progress. Have a great journey finding that path!


I am a Counselling psychologist by profession. I am also an artist and a performer in the field of theatre. I love reading and research work on which I base most of my writing work. Writing is my passion and I do it for self expression.