Stay Fit And Upbeat With Dance Workouts.


Exercising has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. There are so many fun, creative and effective ways to exercise, now more than ever, aside from the traditional ways of working out in the four walls of a gym.  The best part about the variety of exercises out there today, on top of their versatility,  is their accessibility. Thanks to smart devices, we can access workouts from any environment at any time.

Of late, Dance workouts have been the latest fitness craze when it comes to staying fit because they are fun, easy, easily accessible, diverse and you can do them from the comfort of any space!

My Experience

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Do your DanceWorkouts in the comfort of your own space.

I am 25 years old and I like to keep myself active as much as I can with CrossFit and Yoga. It was about two years ago, when I was finding it difficult to go to the gym regularly, that I was introduced to Dance Workouts. It started with a YouTuber named the Fitness Marshall who has grown a lot in recent years as a very popular dance workout instructor.

All About Dance Workouts

Girl listening to musicAccess workouts from your phone.  

Dance workouts have grown in popularity, mostly because they are fun and enjoyable, all the while giving you a full-body workout. Above all, these workouts are calorie-burning and quick (depending on the length of the song).  The incorporation of the latest song into an intense dance routine is effective because it targets everything from your legs, arms, stomach and glutes. Dance workouts are calisthenic in nature, meaning, no equipment is needed. All you need is your smart device or TV, access to YouTube and a clean comfortable space to move around. As it is an increasingly popular way to exercise, there are several instructors available online, that make use of popular songs, a variety of genres from hip – hop, K-pop, contemporary and EDM music.

An additional positive aspect of dance workouts is that you do not need to be a good dancer to exercise this way. There are two types of dances workouts you could try :

Choreography Workouts

Dance workout classes Enjoy Dance Workout classes with others.

  • This type involves the combination of dance movies along with the music. Zumba, hip-hop or belly dancing classes are great examples of this. The instructor may also teach the choreography for a popular music video dance routine. If you have great rhythm and love dancing, this type is perfect for you. Get fit while learning some of the best music video choreography, like Beyoncé’s energetic ‘Run the World (Girls)’ hit song!

Dance Routines

  • If you are like me, and you take a while to master choreography steps, then this is for you. Try this type of dance workout where the routine incorporates toning and aerobic exercises such as squats, push-ups, and sit-ups to the beat of the song. These are especially great if you want a quick, yet high-intensity workout that will have you sweating and increase your heart rate in less than 5 minutes.
This type has been especially popular in the past few years. It is almost guaranteed that one of your favourite 2019 summer pop songs has a quick, fun dance routine that you can jam along to and burn calories at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!

Get Started!

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Have fun with Dance Workouts.

Depending on where you live in the world, there are probably fitness classes you could attend at your nearest gym or in a specialised dance studio. Take a few classes and dance with others. However, the beauty of this kind of exercising is there is no need to spend a fortune on a gym membership or travel long distances to find a class. You can do simple, fun, easy to follow routines at home. Work out at your own pace. Find videos that use the music genre you enjoy the most, be it afrobeat, instrumentals, country or your favourite movie scores. Check out: The Fitness Marshall and MadFit on YouTube to get you started on some great dance workouts.



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