Skateboarding to stay fit?


Keeping fit is something that we absolutely must do in the 21 st century and we have to actively seek it out.  This is because we are no longer walking long distances to get water, or running long distances to chase our food down.

But that said, it’s not easy. Not everyone likes to slough away in the gym or force themselves to run 5km every other day. No, if we want to keep fit and enjoy ourselves whilst doing it, we need to pick out alternative ways of doing so … such as skateboarding!

Who am I?

I’m a 23year old freelance writer who doesn’t get his fair share of exercise. But can you really blame me? Running is painful for me and the gym doesn’t interest me at all. What am I to do? Fortunately for me, 3 years ago I picked up skateboarding.  Initially, I didn’t go into it thinking about the fitness aspect, but simply wanted to have fun and enjoy myself.

But what I found was that I was getting fitter and felt my lower body getting stronger as the months went on. I was surprised by this. I wasn’t sure why it was happening initially, but I figured out skating was playing a part.

And I was kind of happy it worked out this way. I was finally having fun and keeping fit. Not bullying myself in the gym to burn off some calories. I loved skateboarding even more because of this.

Why is skateboarding an excellent way to keep fit?

It activates a lot of your lower body muscles

When you skateboard, you are forced to use your leg muscles and your lower body. This includes your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and hips. This is because the majority of the motion will come from pushing the skateboard. When you push, you force your calves and hamstrings to generate force to propel you forward – imagine it like doing loads of calf raises.

Over time, your muscles will get more toned and developed. In fact, a skateboarding day can be considered ‘leg day’. It can get really intense if you skate for long hours or push over a long distance. Just be sure to stretch after a skate session to prevent yourself from getting all stiff.

Pushing will also help build up your ab muscles. Whilst it won’t affect them the same way doing crunches will, it will keep them toned and in good shape.

What types of skating can you do?

Beyond what you are probably imagining – skateboarding and doing tricks in a park, there are a ton of different ways you can have fun on a skateboard. This could be cruising and carving, skating a pool, long-distance skating etc. There is something for everyone. A popular way to incorporate skateboarding in your everyday life is by commuting on one. You can skate to school, campus and even to work. Any short you distance you had to walk can be done now through skating.

You should also look up long-distance skating, longboard dancing, downhill skateboarding, slalom, and cruising as other ways you might enjoy skating.

How can you get started?

To get started, you should look into skate groups your area might have on Facebook and Reddit. The skate community is extremely welcoming and people are happy to help each other. But if that doesn’t work out, you can always just buy yourself a board and get started solo. Starting out solo won’t make skating any less fun or enjoyable.  


Abuga Aroni

I am a writer from Kenya, passionate about technology, longboarding, and sports.