Running For Healthy And Long Life – A Beginners Guide


Most of the people are connecting running with hard efforts and unpleasant experience. So they have never considered the idea to run. In our stressful and busy life when we focus only on our work and basic tasks, we need time to care about ourselves. The only real valuable thing we have is our life, so it is up to us how much time we will give to ourselves. As healthy we are as long life we have the possibility to live. So every activity that keeps our body healthy and in fit is an investment in our future. Despite all expectations that sports are hard, the running could be pleasant and nice exercise bringing us life and energy.

If you are very beginner in running you should know that to run is actually one of the most basic things for which is totally prepared our body – it is natural movement of every part of our body and keep us strong and healthy. There are many scientific experiments that are proofing that running makes us more emotionally healthy as it produces the hormone of happiness. What better side effect – be in a fit and be happy? The perfect combination, don’t you think?

Running is for everyone, no matter the age, sex, nationality or if you are slim or overweight. Running keeps you healthy and in fit. Personally, I have Hashimoto disease and I am overweight, but the run is keeping me flexible and in fit and protect me from gaining extra kilograms because of my disease. So if you read this article you should definitely try to run. Choose one day in your mind and just go out and do it! Start running!

Decide How Long You Want To Run

I will advise every beginner not to get too obsessed with the running and results in the beginning. It is better to focus on time and to increase the time which is running also with practice. For a start, you can focus on a time goal that will be comfortable for you – from 2,5 or 10 minutes and just do it. Always start with a time that will not be exhausted your body and your mind and you actually to stop running on the second day because you are tired, with muscle fever or you just not feel good. So better to start with a small goal, but to be persistent. You can run the same time a few days and after to start to increase with five more minutes till the time you wish to run. It should always be a pleasure, not pressure. So it is important to set the right goals according to you and your personal expectations, goals and conditions. The most important is to be persistent and to try to run 21 days in a row because these are the right days you need to make one daily action to become a habit. When you turn this into a habit it will be more easy for you to continue running and will turn it in a regular daily routine. After this period you can choose for example one or 2 days for off without running or when you are sick you can also miss the run. Right after you should start again. The most important is running to be a pleasure and to fit in your schedule and to be according to your personal abilities.

How Fast To Run?

You don’t have to run fast – run how you will feel comfortable. It is not a race. You are choosing the temp.

Where And When To Run?

It depends on you and your possibilities to run nearby. If you have a park, beach, boardwalk or just on the pavement in your neighbourhood. It is true that many experts are saying that nature is better because if you run on soil or sand your joints are more protected. If you are running on pavement or asphalt you just run on a hard surface, so it possible to bring some pressure on your joints. But of course, this is a bigger issue for athletes that are training more than 6-8 hours per day. The best thing is that you can run everywhere and anytime. So choose the best place and time for you. Some people like to run in the morning to be more energized for the whole day. Other people prefer to run after a hard day at work and to use the time to clear their mind from stress, work and even to think. Running is especially recommended for people who work with their mind, or stay in front of the computer all day. So if you need to clear your mind running is the best solution.

Decide How Difficult To Be The Terrain For Your Run

Of course, start from the easiest and simple place for you. It is important not to overwhelm yourself. Later you can run more in nature and choose places with small hills and or just not perfectly smooth terrain. But even if you run only on a flat surface, it is perfect training for you, so nothing special needs it.

Decide If You’re Running Solo Or With A Friend

If you are a social type of person, bring a friend – the support will be good for you. You will feel part of something and you will keep doing it. Especially the first 21 days it will be good to be together with a friend because it will give you strengths not to give up in the first stage before to become a habit. If you are introvert, probably is better to run solo because the first stage will make you feel uncomfortable in some moments and if you are with a friend, it could bring you extra stress.


BEFORE RUN: If you are a beginner I would recommend in the first week at least to make a small warm-up with 10 minutes of simple exercises for legs and feet. It does not absolutely need it and many professional athletes are not warming-up before training, but always before a race. But as a beginner is good to make at least the first week or 10 days simple exercises. If you can keep doing it always it will be just extra training for you. Never stretch before a run – could bring injuries! AFTER RUN: It is good if you want to stretch to do it after the run. Like this, all your muscles will relax and release after the run and will prevent you from muscle fever and other uncomfortable feelings in your legs and body.

Equipment For Beginners

If you don’t have special equipment and you don’t have extra budget to invest in it, you can just start with a regular T-shirt, comfortable sneakers and comfortable shorts or leggings. Later you can improve your equipment – buy more advanced sneakers or a special T-shirt that dry fast and not keep the sweat on you. This is not a race – it is just nice training for your healthy body and clear mind.


Personally, I am running in 2 different snickers right now – one pair is Nike and the other is an unknown brand, but with a special comfortable pad inside. So the choice is yours. The most important is your feet to feel comfortable. Because every person has different feet and is the best to wear what is fitting the best for your legs.


Regular socks are fine, but of course later you can buy special running socks that will keep you supported and blister-free.


The most important is the sportswear to give you freedom and flexibility in order to run comfortable and without extra pressure on your body. According to the seasons, you may need a waterproof jacket/jumper, a band for your head, hat or sunglasses. The most important is you always to be comfortable and everything to be with sports design in order to fit and stay fixed till you are running.

So if you are ready to start your healthy and long life, it is time to start running. I hope you enjoy this beginners guide and you will find the new passion that will give you extra energy and happiness in your life.


Mariya Iliychova Georgieva

I am Mariya from Bulgaria and I am an adventurous person who is inspired to live a life full of interesting and challenging possibilities. My varied work experience as an expert in political campaigns, screenplay writer in a TV program, a manager in an online company, an assistant manager of a hotel, an exotic destination wedding expert and an ambassador’s program lead of an educational blockchain is the reason to give me an excellent opportunity to explore new areas, develop my skills and gain valuable experience that makes me more curious about life. That’s why I have lived in 4 countries and I have travelled to 55+ countries.