Rock Climbing – Fun Ways To Keep Fit


At some stage or another, you’ve all heard of rock climbing and probably thought wow that looks like a lot of fun. Well, at least that’s true for me anyway. I decided to give it a shot last spring. I would consider myself to be a fairly fit and active individual. You know I play sport, I lift weights, etc. So anyway I was feeling confident that I was going to crush this whole rock climbing thing. Visualisation is something I do a lot of, and in my head, I was painting a picture of myself scaling the boulders on the wall like Spiderman. But having been rock climbing for a while now, I can say with absolute certainty and a tinge of bitterness that I am no Spiderman. It’s funny. You’d probably imagine that twenty years of life would have thought me that things are never as straight forward as they might seem, and in the case of rock climbing, there is nothing straight forward whatsoever.

Nevertheless, I found rock climbing to be really enjoyable and also a killer workout. Almost surprisingly so. Here are a few things I learned about rock climbing that I hope will encourage some of few to give it a shot.

Rock Climbing - Fun Ways To Keep Fit

How To Get Started Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent way of keeping fit and having a giggle. That being said, you need a wall or course to start. The best way to find one near you is by performing a google and social media search. Type in rock climbing followed by where you live and see what pops up.

Indoor or Outdoor Rock Climbing

Personally, I’ve only ever climbed indoors so I can’t speak for outdoor rock climbers. But I will say that from talking to fellow climbers and using my own common sense rock climbing is harder and a tad bit more dangerous when performed outdoors on actual rocks. For various reasons such as the rocks being slippery from rainfall, requires an experienced climber to be present to set up the equipment correctly, etc. Rock climbing as a beginner it’s probably best to find an indoor rock climbing gym. There’ll be experienced personnel present to watch you, and if you fall you can rely on the fact that their equipment has been correctly set up. No one wants to plummet twenty feet and hurt themselves, doing some that are supposed to be fun. Especially not on their first day! Rock Climbing - A Fun Way To Keep Fit

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Rock Climbing


1. Rock climbing is a fantastic workout for both the upper and lower body. It demands both strength and endurance to pull yourself up to the boulders continuously. 2. Losing body fat is most peoples why when it comes to exercise. Rock climbing is physically demanding, and you will burn a serious amount of calories and body fat if you eat right and stay consistent. 3. Rock climbing takes a surprising amount of skill. It will make you develop impressive coordination and body control.


1. If you live in a rural area like me, it may be hard for you to frequently rock climb. My nearest rock climbing facility is two hours away by car. 2. There’s a risk you may fall and hurt yourself. However, if you are extra careful and continuously double-check equipment, you should be fine. Rock Climbing - Fun Ways To Keep Fit


I would encourage anyone interested in the possibility of getting into rock climbing to do so. It’s an entertaining sport and a great way to get a workout in.

Eoin Cunningham

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