New Circus: Different Kind of Workout


Is your inner child fidgeting for something new? Would you like to liven up your fitness routine and look at exercise from a completely new perspective?
Aerials, slack-line, poi, acro-balance….. new circus has countless possibilities. Are you getting lost in terms? Let‘s have a closer look!

As a yoga instructor, I have always liked to experiment with my body.  A few years back I’ve met a wonderful community that promotes New Circus and I’ve got totally hooked up. New ways of movements, intertwining exercise with expressive arts and those moments when you finally crack a new trick became my new passion.

How can you get fit with the circus?

Imagine new circus as a bulk of disciplines that makes your body stretch, flex, turn and twist in every possible way. Sometimes, even impossible. It makes you use muscles you didn’t even know about. It takes your limits way beyond your expectations and you feel like an entirely new human species. You might object that not everyone is born acrobat. Certainly. Think about it this way, though. I have started with circus shortly before turning 30, don’t be discouraged by the age! The beauty of new circus lies in the fact that there is something for everyone, literally. You don’t need special skills. Beyond the body, circus disciplines develop your mind and spirit. It strengthens your determination, deepens your concentration, your brain gets to exercise and your frustration tolerance is reaching the peak. It’s not about the body only and you need no prerequisites. Finally, it’s incredibly enjoyable, funny and unwinding!

How to get started with the circus?

When I think of different disciplines of new circus, I would divide them into two categories. Those you can practise in your house or a garden and those you can learn and train within a circus community.

Circus in da house

You wish to start by yourself, you have no time to attend training or look for a community. The only thing you have to do is actually to start! Choose what you like, get your basic equipment and just do it!


Juggling is an amazing practice that involves both of your hemispheres develops coordination and spatial orientation, trains gross, fine motor skills and your patience. Get balls, clubs, rings or whatever you prefer and juggle away! juggler on the beach

Poi spinning

Poi spinning involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns, dancing-like movements and proper workout for your shoulders. Pois come in different types – flag poi, tail poi, glow poi or fire poi. You can even make your own at home, so-called sock poi.


Train your core muscles and get your balance right by walking the line. Slackline is similar to tightrope walking and as a family member of equilibristics, it improves your concentration, will and motivation. Stretch it from a tree to a tree and see how far you can get. slackline on the beach

Circus within the community

You wish to find like-minded people, create a new social network and enjoy the fun within the community. Google up, there is certainly someone around. Circus communities are in all bigger towns and cities, it might be a bit underground or tricky to find but give it shot, it’s worthy! Moreover, circus people are extensively open-minded and chill, don’t be shy to sneak in.


Acro-balance is a combination of balancing and acrobatics, includes two or more people counterbalancing, sharing weight, lifting, pitching or catching one another. Obviously, you need more people to do it and ideally someone who can instruct you. couple acro-balance


Aerials, on the other hand, can be performed individually. However, the necessary equipment is more complex. Search for a circus school or unconventional gym and join the training on silks, Lyra, trapeze or a hoop. Your body will awe and your world will get upside down. silks in sunset

Pole fitness

Pole dance or pole fitness is another chapter of using the muscles in extraordinary ways and having fun while exercising. It’s a combination of dance, gymnastics and contortion rolled into one that doesn’t leave out any part of your body.

Try it out all

If you have at least an inch of curiosity and like to try out new things, I recommend chipping in all of them and seeing what suits you the best. The circus is for everyone, small or big, young or old, calm or edgy… it doesn’t have boundaries, it knows no limit. It can be a serious workout, funny exercise or unusual activity how to spend your free time by yourself, with friends or your family. Kids love the circus, no need to tell. And I believe it’s one of the best holistic ways of development and self-growth. Hope you got inspired it will totally become a perk in your life. Be on the watch, it’s highly addictive!


Keywords: nature-lover, eco-friendly, music-abuser, trier-of-everything. Being with a bright mind and free spirit embracing the whole world. I have spent the last five years travelling and volunteering, meeting heaps of loveable people and collecting magical stories. I have learnt that diversity is the biggest asset that we humans share. It’s the people who make the experience unique. That’s why I always appreciate emerging into a new culture or community.