Keeping fit easily by dancing and walking


While keeping fit and staying active is crucial to sustaining a healthy life, not everyone has sufficient time, motivation and financial resources to achieve their goals. As a busy 9-to-5 office worker in her late 20s, I find it hard to juggle staying active, working, taking care of my family with having some time for myself.

However, there are 2 activities that I love doing and that have also helped me greatly to keep fit, save time and have fun at the same time. There is no need to always aim for an exhausting workout in the gym for the perfect body as these activities are easy to do yet quite effective in the long term.

Go dancing your heart out!

If you are, like me, scared of doing cardio, dancing is just the right activity for you to lose some calories while having so much fun.

Dancing is a great way to stay active

You do not need to be a professional dancer or sign up for a serious dancing course in order to get started. Dancing your heart out means using music to incentivise your body to move in any way that makes you feel good. There is no equipment needed to start dancing, except from something to play the music for you (or why not sing it out loud instead?). Simply play your favourite song, feel the beats and start dancing your heart out. Dancing is such a simple activity that you can carry out almost anywhere. I often dance in my room for about 5 to 10 minutes in the morning before heading to work. It is a great way to refresh the whole body before kick starting the day. In the evening, before sinking into the sofa for a chill Netflix session, I usually dance again for 10 to 15 minutes more. In fact, you can swing your body whenever and wherever you like. It does not take much time to just dance and the fun is endless.

Walking whenever you can

Walking is one of the best ways to stay fit and active without becoming too burnt out. It is best when you can develop the mindset of walking whenever you can, instead of jumping on a car.

Walking is easy to do and is a great way to keep fit

It is my habit to stand up and start walking around whenever I remember it. I walk to the grocery shop instead of ordering food online. When I need to discuss something with my colleagues, I walk to their desks instead of making a phone call or just shouting from my seat. Every week, I also allow some time to visit the park, the city center and other attractions in town where I just walk around and enjoy the vibes. Having a pedometer is also extremely useful to motivate me to walk more. I set myself a goal of minimum steps per day and use the pedometer to track so that I do not forget. The benefits of walking have been recognised by many health specialists. Walking makes you move your whole body with the minimal risk of injuring. Therefore, this activity is suitable for people of all ages and health conditions. The calories burnt are not as much as when jogging, but are enough to increase your metabolism and keep you from inertia.

Feeling fun while staying active

While keeping fit and staying active might be difficult to attain for busy urban people like me, I have found activities such as dancing and walking very fun, easy and effective. Why not try these for yourself and see how beneficial they are?

Fiona Mai

Freelance writer with a customised approach to writing