Is Walking Enough To Be Fit?


Good morning activity. Since I love walking for many reasons, is just walking enough for weight loss? Why do I continue it on a daily basis? I’ll talk about these from my experience. I do not know when I love walking. I was studying while I walked, and throughout my life, I did not suffer from excess obesity. I’m eating very normal food, but I have always had an ideal weight. I think the main reason for this, is walking continuously for at least one hour every day, so, I’ve always been active.

My Story With Walking

walking sport During the study phase, I always walked quickly while going and returning from school because I loved to walk by myself. I liked to walk early in the morning to enjoy the fresh air. I walked with friends, and we were racing together from what we were fond of while walking. They are unforgettable memories for me. It was a great pleasure for me to walk under raindrops with my favorite friends. I even took another road when I go home, a longer road than usual, so, I would spend more time walking and feeling better. At the beginning of my work, I was traveling to a city far away from my village, I had to live there, but it was a boring job for me. I ate junk food without practicing any sports and left walking completely. I used transportation while going and returning to work. When I go back home, I stayed alone in front of the television and ate lots of food. After a while I found an increase in my weight and the sizes of my clothes changed, which made my mental state worse, and then I decided to go back to my little village to live with my friends, and go back to the previous life that I missed so much. I actually did my own project and went back to walking. I started to eat healthily and left junk food.

Health Benefits Of Walking

 Weight Loss

When I returned to walking, I began to lose weight which had a great impact on my health. It was a great incentive for me to continue walking and eating healthy food. Thus, I returned to my baseline weight. After that, I began to walk not only for pleasure but also as a way to maintain my health and weight. So, why fast walking help in weight loss? Any movement in the body consumes calories. Walking needs energy and will consume this energy from your body, and it increases the rate of burning in the body.

Improve The Psychological State

Walking for me is a way to get rid of the negative energy and stress of life, the practice of walking with love feels great pleasure and increases mental purity and concentration.

Increase Physical Fitness

 fitness Improve your fitness through the natural movement during walking as there are nourishing movements needed by the body just like nutrients. Walking is a perfect food for me.

How To Get Start?

Walking is one of the simplest exercises that an individual can do. All that is needed is a suitable shoe, a suitable place to walk. Just a few simple steps each day can give you the required fitness. It can be for 20 minutes a day at weekly rates of between two and three hours.

4 Ways To Increase Motivation To Continue Walking

  1. Wear a step counter, this enhances the steps you take at a rate up to 10,000 steps a day.
  2. Follow a magazine or website that follows your daily steps to increase motivation.
  3. Maintain a walking partner, this helps you overcome the boredom that may affect some.
  4. Participation in charity walking races is in itself an incentive to exercise in general.

How To Improve Pedestrian Safety?

  • Try to share with a friend in walking as much as possible.
  • Keep contact information for your closest friends and family while walking.
  • Know your closest friends where you are going.
  • Carry some tools that can be necessary during walking at night such as a light bulb.
So, only walking on a daily basis has helped me a lot in maintaining my ideal weight, improving my mental state , and my body become fit.

Abdel Aziz Elbadry

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