How to stay fit while travelling

2019-06-15 12:44:49

I am in my twenties and I did sports and exercised since very early. From tennis to ballet, I always had my afternoons busy with something to do. Growing up, the number of responsibilities and the amount of work increase and finding time for playing a sport regularly or going to the gym becomes more difficult. On top of that, I travelled a lot, moved to 4 different countries in a matter of 2 years, so keeping a routine was not always easy. But because I am very keen on staying fit and healthy and value the effect that exercise has on my mental state, I found ways to establish a more flexible routine, adaptable for travelling.

Running & Walking

Running can be done everywhere and does not require equipment!

This one is an almost obvious one, yet many find it hard to be motivated for a run. I personally try to do it every day, if I can, alternating it with long walks. Running is great, it can be done literally everywhere at any time (as long as it is a safe area) and does not require any equipment apart from good shoes. Additionally, the well-known benefits of running are very good for your mood, and I find I perform better in my work or in studying after a run. Sometimes is hard to be excited about the daily run, but once you make it a routine, you set a time that fits with your other activities and you make it regular, it will come naturally for you to do it. Another thing that motivates me is that I listen to Podcast only while running. This means that most of the times I am excited to hear how a particular episode ends. Alternatively, walking is also a good workout, many times undervalued. Of course, you’ll have to walk longer distances than when running to experience similar benefits, but it is great. When you are travelling, you can try to walk instead of taking the bus or the metro, to know the place you are visiting a bit better and to immerse yourself into the new place you are in. Walking is great for your cardiovascular circulation, it is softer on your joints than running and it is a good starting point for those who are not used to running. If you are travelling for work, take a run or a walk outside in the evening, after work, you’ll see how much more relaxed you’ll feel about your day.

Still thinking about it? Take your running shoes out and plan your run or walk today!

Plan a Workout

Be creative with your workouts when travelling

This might be less obvious, but it is very easy to put it into practice. Say that you are travelling and you’re staying in a hotel, hostel or in an apartment. You don’t necessarily need equipment and it can be even just 30 minutes long, according to your schedule. Know in advance which exercises you are going to perform and be creative. Use bottles of water for extra weight, chairs as steps… find the exercises that are better for you, it is very easy to look for them online. Put a timer and set goals. Find the exercises that fit your current level while pushing you to the next stage, to keep improving. It might be hard at the beginning, those 3o minutes might seem endless but, trust me, if you do it regularly, you’ll see your body perform better and better every time and you won’t want to stop!

Keeping fit while travelling is not that hard. You don’t necessarily require a gym, only the willingness to do it! What are you waiting for?

Anastasia Malavolti

I am a discoverer, a traveller. I left home at 16 and since then I never stopped. I lived in different countries all over the world, Sweden, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil and kept travelling around. I learned that the best lessons are those taken outside the class, in the real world. The adventure-seeking and dynamism, combined with my desire to learn everything from everyone pushed me to start sharing my experience in the hope that I could help some lost traveller around the world, looking to make the best out of their trip!