How to stay fit while making running fun


How many times have we heard people say, “running is for those who are very fit or have a healthy lifestyle”. Well, it is mostly true but wait for a second, what if I want to run just for fun?

Running was one activity I never used to engage in as a kid. I almost accepted the fact that I wasn’t close to that level of stamina and well it does require constant training of the body and the mind. However, now at the age of 23, I think there are ways to achieve fitness through running or a peaceful jog and it makes me wonder why I didn’t try this before!


I run 3 times a week and it gives me immense pleasure to achieve the goals that I make for myself. More importantly, in such busy lives that we have where most of us spend our day inside office cubicles and midst pollution and streets full of people who just pass by each other sometimes without even noticing each other, I feel it’s important to live in the present moment. A run in the park with nature around me, birds whistling and fresh air to breathe gives me a new sense of purpose each day.


One of the primary factors to start running as a fitness regime is finding that motivation which drives you towards going for a run. Think! What are the places you’ve always wanted to discover in your neighborhood but never had the chance to? It can be a park with beautiful flowers, an old lane with ancient houses, watching the sunrise by the beach or hilly landscapes that your eyes always wanted to feed on.


The next step is to see what a run can bring to you. You might love that adrenaline rush with the sweat pouring down your back feeling a sense of achievement. It can also be a nice chocolate chip cookie waiting for you at home which you can now have without any guilt. Furthermore, new faces that are trying at this fitness activity along with you can also be a driving factor. When I started running, I would start panting in less than 5 minutes. I was so conscious of how I looked to others passing by and being an overweight adult would I ever be able to forget the glares and just have fun with my workout regime. And yes I overcame this fear and let’s see how!


Some of the steps for self-encouragement are simple and can be practiced every day!
  1. Reward yourself as every achievement is a step towards progress.
  2. Try new spaces to run.
  3. Experiment with your goals, push your limits.
  4. Listen to music that keeps you on your toes.
  5. Compliment yourself for reaching goals.
  6. Take your pet along.
There are many ways to challenge your body with running. People often create and build their own ways of learning what pace suits them, how much time can they comfortably run and deciding on the breaks they might need in between the runs.


A 5 step procedure which I follow for a nice fun run is what I am going to introduce you all to today.

  1. Get your shoes on and close your eyes as you stand on your doorstep. Think about the road you’ve chosen to run on today. Breathe in and breathe out.
  2. Start walking and continue for about 3 minutes, not too fast and not too slow. Look forward.
  3. Start jogging slightly faster than the walk; at a comfortable pace. See that you are regulating your breathing.
  4. You can begin running now, at a faster pace than the jog but not too fast and if you are a beginner don’t go for sprints yet. Run for one minute.
  5. Start walking again now. Mindfully regulate your breath. If you are out of breath try to reduce your pace for the next run.
A run with these 5 steps repeated 5-6 times takes about 20 minutes which is ideal for a beginner. However, depending on how your body responds to this activity you can reduce or increase the time gap. One important factor to keep in mind is to not give up. Don’t stop walking, you can do it! Hey! Now you already know how to start a run and probably have a few ideas in mind. Well, what’s a run without a sporty attitude right?


Age doesn’t matter as you can train your body whenever and whichever way you want to unless there are health issues. If that’s the case you can try to custom make your goals which fit your wellness. And if you feel you want to club in some friends and go for a run together that’s a great idea as well. Make a group on social media or in your neighborhood and invite people who might be interested in the same. You can also have different varieties of fitness activities and keep them on rotation so that everyone enjoys and learns new ways of staying fit keeping it interesting at the same time. You will probably be able to spot people who already are good runners and ask them for tips!

I feel so passionate when I am running; knowing that I have less stamina compared to others around but hey, I run for myself, for my inner peace and for the happiness I get afterward and nothing should stop one-self from experiencing that liberating joy.


  1. It keeps you active and builds your stamina to carry out everyday tasks more effectively.
  2. It helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle of getting proper sleep and eating on time.
  3. You can socialize with your friends and family and spend more quality time with them.


  1. You might find yourself getting excessively tired in the first few days if you are a beginner.
  2. You need to make time to fit this activity in your work schedule which might require some re-scheduling.
  3. Sometimes body deficiencies like a lack a Vitamin D can restrict you from a long run in which case a health checkup is advised.
Well, this should get you ready for a first run, or if you haven’t run in some time and feel it might be hard. It gets easier with each run and it keeps getting more fun, more experimentative and more relaxing. So what are you waiting for? Grab those pair of shoes and have a great run!


I am a Counselling psychologist by profession. I am also an artist and a performer in the field of theatre. I love reading and research work on which I base most of my writing work. Writing is my passion and I do it for self expression.