How To Lose Weight and Be Fit – The Right Way

2018-05-17 12:21:47

When it comes to fitness and getting in shape, people opt for an easy way. No dieting, no training, just somehow want to lose all the excessive weight. Instead of searching for the type of exercise or alternatives in food, people tend to search for “Weight Loss in 2 weeks” and so on. There are many sorts of recipes circulating online that is actually so appealing like “Drink this and lose all your belly fat in 4 days” but they might help speed up your metabolism, it will not help in any other way. Certain diets and hacks just help one to lose the water weight which can be back. This article has a sole purpose of guiding everyone to follow the right fitness regime which will help in achieving the desired body shape and weight. Before getting on dieting and training, also figure out the appropriate diet for your body type and how you should train in order to lose weight or gain muscle efficiently.

The right way of Dieting

Does Dieting mean Starving?

Dieting does not mean starving. Dieting basically is eating healthy, consuming a balanced meal. There are all sorts of diets trending like Keto diet, Vegan diet, Vegetarian diet, and some people even fast for many hours. It is assumed by the majority of people, that depriving yourself of eating or eating less than half of your normal meals will not help you lose weight. People should educate themselves on how they should diet according to their body needs and type. The diets mentioned do work but they just help cleanse your internal system, afterward, you just have to consume right.

Self-Control & Discipline

When you are dieting, you should have two best friends, discipline, and self-control. Disciplined people have good habits, they tend to stick to their daily regime and having self-control will help you from overeating or doing anything that is going to hinder your progress to your desired body shape. Being disciplined does not mean being so strict with your diet that you ignore your cravings, remember even the army trainers allow something sweet like ice cream after dinner, but by this, I am not trying to imply that you eat the whole container of ice cream; this is where self-control steps in. Cravings can be satisfied by eating a bite or two and your self-control will help you avoid the extra bites.

Eating right does not only help you lose weight but also help you stay healthy. Just like chicken has protein and milk has calcium, in the same way, all fruits and vegetables have essential vitamins and nutrients that help you and your skin stay healthy. Eating right will help you get rid of your laziness and make you feel light which will make you feel good about yourself.

Training Effectively

How to even get in shape?

Apparently, there are words in the air that only dieting can help a person get in shape. I will not say that it is not true but training provides a boost to your diet. There are so many advantages of training like endorphins, flexibility, clear skin and so on. We are lazy as we try to avoid training as it requires energy but a fact that can’t be ignored is that training helps your body release endorphin, a hormone responsible in making you feel hyped up which also speeds up your metabolism rate. Ever notice, all the people around you who train, maybe your friends have a different type of hype, they are not lazy, they are up for all sorts of adventures also which makes their life interesting and you lowkey envy that. Initially, all sorts of training require energy and also makes your muscles sore and painful but that pain is actually a sign that you are training right and that your muscles are getting stronger.

Introvert or Extrovert

If you are an extrovert then see training as gym social or if you are an introvert, well you have your music, cardios that can be done at home, but you never know maybe an extrovert might adopt you at the gym and you become best friends or you can also find the love of your life or both. Training helps increase the production of endorphins also brings in more positivity to your life. People who train are less likely to be depressed than people who don’t train or people who stopped training.

Training does not only provide fitness to your body but also to your internal system and your emotions. Don’t end setting unrealistic goals for yourself as that will only lower your self-esteem. Don’t depend on mirrors to show you the difference in your body on a daily basis. Take pictures on weekly basis and compare them to the picture before you started training. The difference will motivate you to train more.

Reaching your Fitness goals

As the argument suggests Dieting + Training = Fitness. There are several types of fitness regimes. Some people train to lose muscle, some train to gain muscle and some train to just have a flat stomach. Well, in any form of regime, one has to eat right and do appropriate training. Factors like your body type, your goal and desired body also need to be considered before deciding on your diet and training regime. If you are trying to lose weight, consume more fruits and vegetables and if you are trying to gain muscles then eat a lot of protein. They are training equipment that can be bought and which can help you train at home but going to the gym will make you see and seek help from the other gym members. You can be advised if the way you are training is correct or not and while you socialize with them, you will also know their diet and which will help you make amends to your diet. In no time, you will have your own fitness group. While on fitness, do not forget to drink water. Water is an essential part of all types of diets and training. You can go without protein shake, smoothies, and other drinks but you can’t go without drinking water.