How to keep your back fit with Hypopressive abs


Since I am a kid I’ve had some trouble with my spine, so I had to find an activity that helps me keep it fit. The only thing doctors were suggesting were walking and swimming. But I can’t do those activities due to an unsuccessful foot surgery…


spine back  

When I moved to Barcelona, I started to work in the management of an American company, with lots of responsibilities, business trips and I became a workaholic… working even in the weekends.

Nuts! I didn’t realize at that time…

I was going to work walking or cycling, and I thought it was enough exercise.

One day, my back got stuck and despite the osteopathy sessions, I didn’t get better.


How I recovered from a back injury, having fun at the same time!

After a long rehabilitation process of about a year, my therapist put me on a class for postural training. It’s a sport that combines Pilates, stretching and yoga movements, often accompanied with breathing awareness and music.

I was so happy I could finally do an activity without injuring my back!



However, as I got better, my therapist recommended me to combine it with other classes that would strengthen further my muscles.

The same people at the rehabilitation were offering other classes.

So I decided to sign up for Hypopressive abs.

Hypopressive abs

What is hypopressive abs?

This discipline makes smaller muscles work: those that actually support your spine. This is also a great activity for breathing control, and for the perineum. It has definitely been the best activity for my back so far.  

How can you get started?

  I would recommend to ask your physiotherapist to find the right place to go.

My teachers are actually my physiotherapists as well so it was very easy to find a group! I just asked them to put me on the waiting list and when they got a new group they called me and I started!


What to expect from Hypopressive abs

Even though it can look boring when you start, you quickly learn different positions and it becomes very dynamic. It may also seem easy when you are just looking at people practicing, but it’s not!

Actually, I have noticed that men suffer the most during classes!

You will need to raise your concentration, especially when it comes to breathing as you will be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds.

Another great thing to expect is that we always start and finish with raising body awareness in music, and it’s so calming for the mind!

After 2 years of classes, I even do it alone at home to calm lumbar pain.


Apart from the Postural Training, I also like to combine it with Pilates now that my therapist has given me the green light to go to a more intensive sport. And since it is available in my center, I haven’t hesitated one second!

My tips to find the right hypopressive abs class

  • Choose the right professional
Find someone who you connect with. That’s a key element! Someone who has empathy, and who can adapt to your needs. In my case it was also important to do it in a rehabilitation center because they are all certified physiotherapists and I know they will take special care of my back!
  • Plan it in your day
Another tip is to organize yourself in a way that you can’t miss the class. Either because it’s close to your work or close to your home.
  • Suitable for your condition
According to therapists, you should NEVER EVER experience pain when you are training.
  • Body and Mind
Finally, look for a class where the professional starts the session with body awareness, which is a type of relaxation method. An activity should help both your body and your mind.

Remember: our mind rules our body!


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