How To Keep Fit With Football


Going to the gym is one of the ways to get fit but that is not the only way. There are other fun ways to get fit without going to the gym.

I am entrepreneur who executes projects for people and I have time for maintaining my fitness in form of playing football. My age is 29. I share values of honesty and have a dislike for dishonesty and faking. I am fond of tech and I run a blog on that which makes me to write often apart from going on with my normal business. Technology is something I see as a way of bringing people together from different places, facets and walks of life. Blogging is a way of providing some value to people and  I make the interest of my readers my priority.

 I am engineer by profession and I became an engineer because I wanted to practice creativity. Computer games for me are fascinating and I see playing football as a hobby apart from a way to promote fitness.

When I started and why football is for me the king of sports

Playing football started right from my childhood. I mean we played this at home and at school and I had others who loved football too. There are many activities that can serve as exercise, I mean many games like basketball, tennis and all that, but football for me is the king of sports. There is something about football that makes it my preference. We played football in high school and in college and it is still my best game today. Football is one of the best ways to exercise.

How you can get started with football

You can start playing football right from your neighborhood, right at home. Go to the market and buy a football that is suitable for you, your family and friends or neighbours. Getting started from your home and neighbourhood is one of the best ways to begin. You start from where you are. Choose a space that does not prevent others from moving conveniently, it could be within or outside your compound. You can schedule the best times to play with your family and friends. This is the first step.

Ways to keep fit

What to expect in football

It is a game that involves much movement, running and tackling are examples. You can play according to your fitness and there are different categories to choose from depending on the space available.  It is not time-consuming yet it impacts well on your body system. You may play it for long hours or for a short period according to your schedule.

How to find a place or group for your  football

Finding a place or a group for your football involves meeting people. Go to football fields in your neighborhood and make enquiries on the people who play regularly. Find out the groups that play and how you can join one of them. Another way to do that is to make a proposal to your friends and agree that you play as a group at a particular time and a particular place.

What are the benefits of playing football?

It promotes your aerobic capacity

Aerobic respiration of your body system improves when you play football. As you walk, sprint or run, your aerobic system improves.

Promotes the health of your cardiovascular system

Jogging, running and so on make the heart to beat at a higher rate and these cut the pressure of your blood, consume calories and enhance the arteries.

Cuts fat and enhances the tone of your muscles

Playing soccer cuts down fat by engaging the fibres of your muscles. It consumes calories.

Strengthens the muscles

Turning, jumping, tackling and kicking improve the strength of your muscles. They promote the strength of the upper body.

Enhances bone health

Exercising with football is one of the best ways to promote the health of your bones. Your bones get stronger as you play.  

Encourages sharing, teamwork and coördination

Football encourages sharing since you are playing with a group where you share goals that are common. It helps one to coördinate the body through passing, dribbling and other activities.

Promotes the brain

Football enhances the brain since the player makes quick decisions while on the pitch either to pass the ball or play a long kick.

Football can cut down stress since it engages the body in various ways. It can cut anxiety in a particular way.

Play in various places

Football requires a ball, a space and a team. You must not go to the gym and it is one of the best games you can play in your neighborhood.

My passion for football

My passion for football is a never-ending passion since this is the king of sports for me. Watching football is another hobby apart from playing it. Computer games of football are my best computer games. Playing football is a fun way to support fitness without going to the gym.

Ikechukwu Nwuzoh

Welcome, I am a freelancer and I am fond of writing and the internet. I love to make things happen. My hobbies are football and reading inspirational book.