How to get fit at the gym (and have fun!)


Are you struggling to get started at the gym? But then you feel bad because you haven’t done any workout in the entire week? Stop dreaming: you can’t be fit without a healthy lifestyle and a regular dose of activity. Working out makes you’ll feel better: check the science! It is proven that daily activities of at least 30 minutes to 1 hour can help you reduce stress level, make you feel you energized, your brain’s activity improves and you even sleep better. Thanks, endorphins! But how to get fit at the gym and don't get caught up in boring repetitions of the same exercises?

Gym machines

Going to the gym for the first time can feel quite daunting

I am a young woman with a passion for a healthy lifestyle. After years of sports and outdoor activities, I too fell into the gym trend. I wasn’t used to it at first. Having to a coach telling you what to do, surrounded by friends, it is a completely different thing compared to getting to a gym, alone and without really know where to start from. It took me at least one year to get comfortable at the gym without feeling like a total incompetent. We all know that feeling of sitting on a machine pretending to perfectly know what you're doing, fearing someone has noticed you’re lost. Getting started at the gym can feel quite daunting. Many stop going after the first month. But if you make it through the first month and start making it a habit, gaining confidence, you’ll see it'll get easier each time. If you’re not a fan of exercising, going to the gym and being surrounded by people will motivate you to workout and learn. Working out at the gym doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or dull. There are many variations of the classic exercises: it is not only about running on the treadmill, squats or weighting lifts. The equipment available depends on the gym, but there are many things you can do to mix things up. Also, many gyms now offer personal trainers or classes to make your session more enjoyable. This article is to help you get started at the gym and having fun during your workout: no more excuses!

Many gyms now offer classes and group activities

Making it a daily routine

The first barrier is to include those 2 hours into your daily schedule. Don’t start with the classic “I don’t have time”. Most gyms don’t close until 11 PM anyway and I’m sure you don’t work that much (unless you’re Elon Musk, but even him manages to go to the gym every day!). It literally is just keeping a slot of time you’d be spending watching Netflix and allocating it to your health. Maybe it won’t be 2 hours, all right, but at least one. Whether you’re a morning person or you prefer working out at the end of your day, choose your time and stick to it! Do that regularly and you’ll quickly see how addictive working out, sweating out the stress and feeling good is!

Make going to the gym part of your daily routine

How to get started

I would recommend choosing a gym pretty close to your job or your house. This will avoid finding the excuse that the gym is too far away and it will make it easier for you to commit to your plan. Ask for a tour before starting, to help reduce feeling lost at the beginning. Ask how the machines work. Wear clothes you're comfortable in. Prepare a motivational playlist.  Don't worry, you'll learn along the way (and by the way none is looking at you, the majority of people at the gym are focused on themselves).

A short workout to start

Start with 10-20 minutes warm up (walking, running, or just stretching to warm your muscles up). Make it a habit, because it will help you be more energized during the rest of your workout. Your first day you can start with a full-body workout: legs, arms and abs. Choose 4 exercises and repeat them 4 times.

Set your goals

What is it that you want to achieve by starting to go to the gym? Do you want to lose some weight? Keep the stress level down? Or maybe just look fitter and feel good with yourself? It doesn’t matter what your goals are, make them clear in your mind. This will help you keep motivated and tracking your results. In some months, if you workout regularly as suggested, you’ll start noting the difference. Goals will motivate you and make you go even when you really don’t feel like it. Depending on your character, you might want to go with a friend, to be more committed.

What to expect

Obviously, you won't start seeing results from day 1. Working out, being fit and healthy are habits that will slowly show up in your body, your mindset, your energy levels. You won't be 100% motivated every day. But if you walk through that gym door, you'll be half the way. And after the first 5 minutes of walking, your endorphins will make you want to move more and start a good workout. Muscle pain is common, try to reduce it stretching before and after your workout.

Change it up!

Change the exercises you do, who said that to work out your glutes, the only exercise is squatting? Challenge yourself, add weights, use equipment, make use of the machines. Don’t get dull. Also, keep updating your aforementioned goals. This will keep motivation up. Get inspired, search online, follow some Instagram accounts, there is plenty of information about workout sessions online. Find something you like, do it consistently but creatively, not to get bored.

Use fit balls, bands… use the equipment at your disposition!

  What are you waiting for? Let’s move!


Anastasia Malavolti

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