Get Fit with Acro Yoga


Don’t skip the gym, they say…

When you can be fit and healthy without burning yourself for 45 minutes on the treadmill. Why not just skip it?

Because what you don’t enjoy doing, you’re more likely to run away from it.

There’s no way we’re going to make a workout feel too much like work. Right?

We try to keep our self in shape, we work hard, we find new people, we say we have friends but deep down we still feel lonely and in need of a real human connection. A connection where one human being is respected listened to & understood by the other human. This is all of us every day.

I am a 25-year-old working woman trying to find the time and ways to keep myself fit. But before I fell into this trap of working 24*7, I was way fitter than I am today. I started working on my body back in 2015, and my body still thank me for that. I started running in the evening with my best friend and in no time we switched to Acro Yoga making us connect to each other while boosting strength, flexibility and playfulness.

What is Acro Yoga?

Acro Yoga is a physical as well as mental exercise which helps you to connect with another human in a playful way to reach our fitness goals. It is an activity which combines playfulness, balance, patience and fitness. There’s a very little difference between Acro Yoga and other forms of yoga. The sole difference is that Acro Yoga involves a partner. Well, having said that it has been observed that Acro Yoga can be practised alone as well. The purpose of yoga is to develop the union of mind, body and spirit but Acro Yoga aims to develop the same union between two people. According to me, traditional yoga is solitary, but Acro is all about communication and trust. It is all about falling down and getting up time and again.

How can you get started?

Since you’ve reached this stage, that means you’re really eager to fly. Before you begin, all you need is an open space, an optimistic mind, yoga mat and a partner you trust. Its fun to try Acro Yoga poses with your best friend but having a spotter or finding a third person to practice with is a must. A spotter is there for safety, and to help you figure out the poses and correct techniques as well. You can get started with the basic flying pose which is called as a “Free Bird” pose.

Tip: Before any workout, it is better to do a warm-up. Practising a sun salutation is a great way to get the blood moving.

What to expect…

Acro Yoga practice makes you understand three roles i.e A Base, A Flyer and A Spotter. You will observe that as a Base, you learn about your stability, your core strength and your ability to balance or hold a position. As a Flyer, you learn about surrendering yourself, trusting your partner and overcoming your fears. As a Spotter, you observe two people interact, show them the right technique and give them the right amount of support.

Don’t expect to be a pro with the first attempt. You will fail many times in the beginning but don't be disheartened, as every fall brings you closer to the right technique and balance. It takes effort, falling down and getting up again and again and a lot of balance. Acro is a beautiful way to understand your body and to achieve and hold a beautiful pose for a longer time, keeping in mind that the benefits are manifold.

The great thing is while you’re trying you will know you’re trying something out of the box. Along with a new experience, you will have fun moments, a good laugh with your better half.

As you go along, you’ll realize that  Acro Yoga is for everybody irrespective of their size and shape. You don’t have to be a gymnast to try new shapes.

You will learn to trust. Trust your partner and trust the process. Apart from all this, you will find yourself in heaps of laughter and some giggling.

How to find a place or a group

Even if you don’t have a partner, don't worry, as I mentioned earlier Acro can be practised alone as well. You can still attend a class by yourself. You’ll find new partners and Acro Yoga develops your skills to practice with a variety of people. Take a beginning class at a Yoga Club near you and you will find a different partner or partner on a rotation basis to try with you. The only thing which you need to do is go on the internet and look for Yoga clubs near you.  You can also begin with a Beginner Acro Yoga workshop to see if you are interested, then you can do regular practice. Moreover, the internet is full of videos and influencers helping you learn.


Acro Yoga is a fun mix of acrobatics and yoga encourages you to find your core. You’ll build muscles in the legs, arms and chest by holding or balancing your partner with the help of your legs and core. Its a workout to notice a difference in your physique over time. Apart from having the laugh with your partner trying new movements together, you can actually gain out of it and focus more on flexibility and core strength. Acro is a great way to build a great relationship with your other half as it is based on the principles of trust and open communication.


Despite all the positive health benefits it has, we should be very careful due to the risk of injuries. Although yoga has no such drawbacks, however, one could definitely get hurt trying difficult pose for the first time without practice or a spotter.  

I believe it is all about finding the right type of fitness regime to match with your time, energy and requirements. However, you should definitely give Acro a Go. It is a beautiful way to find and build friendship and trust.


All the positive ways are always there for you if you’re willing to see the fun side of it.
Its all in the art of staying young and energetic while growing old.

Devyani Gandhi

A girl like you who likes to sing and write. Working 24*7. Love pets. Likes challenges.