Fun Ways to Stay in Shape Without Hitting The Gym



How many times do we peek in the mirror holding our sagging waistline, thick thighs, and arms, freckles, a distorted figure and leave disappointed? We oath to hit the gym and stay fit but every time, the determination tends to evaporate as the days pass. I am just that person and like a lot of us, it was always a Herculean task to stay fit. I am a college student with a very sedentary lifestyle which leaves me with an utterly hectic and tiring day. With perfectly toned bodies, slim fit jeans, perfect hair and fabulous eyelashes all around me, discomforting thoughts about myself had become an everyday byte and honestly, I wasn’t very proud of my body. You know, just a teenager’s convention to compare. Crying behind locked doors, ashamed of wearing short clothes, fear of judgment, comparing myself with everyone, feeling that I could never date anyone, had started taking a toll on me vividly. A huge tummy, no thigh gap and not so beautiful eyelashes, made it truly disappointing in how I saw myself.

My fitness Choices: Swimming and Dancing

I decided something had to change. I was not a huge fan of running or hitting the gym. It was not my cup of tea. I had to choose something I truly loved. I loved the water and rhythms. Something about them fascinated me. So I chose two things, swimming, and dancing. Former a sports activity and latter a hobby my soul resided into. The day I chose my passion, I knew my life was about to change. Each activity has its own perks and is relaxing and fulfilling in its own ways. Remember, whatever activity you settle with, would require utmost commitment and perseverance. Every day counts in your journey to fitness, and it’s about the sacrifices you make results in your good health. So choose wisely and  not something monotonous and yet you can devote time to wholeheartedly out of your busy schedule.


It has been three months since I started swimming for about 30 minutes and Zumba dancing for about an hour daily. And the results have been tremendously satisfying, boosting my self-esteem exponentially every single day.


Swimming not only helped me lose those extra pounds off my body but also helped me in alleviating stress, maintain muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, thereby improving my posture. But the best part of swimming is how it makes me feel really good about myself. I slowly realized what benefits waking up early, trying to stay fit and maintain a good lifestyle does to you.


Zumba, at the end of every session, not only left me breathless and lifted my mood up but also left me energized for the rest of the day. It toned my entire body, strengthened my muscles, increased blood circulation and helped me de stress with a glow on my face, acting like a rhythm to my soul. I was not worried about the freckles anymore.

Where and How to get started?


Swimming, on the other hand, is an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience altogether. It is also just the perfect activity for the water lovers who are exploring an amusing way to stay fit. Every city has one pool provided by the city municipal corporation where you can enroll at an economical cost and utilize all the benefits. Other than that, a lot of societies, clubs, schools, and houses have a place for a swimming pool and an option to enroll. Do not forget that the right equipment is a must. A pal with you will keep you motivated and ensure that the fun is never ruled out. Tans are a true blessing. Swimming is so liberating and relaxing, it would never let you find a reason to escape exercising ever again. Not only toning your body right, but it will also be a retreat for the mind.


You can get started just within your own home. Take it slow, one step at a time. Do not push yourself. Set a goal, write it down on a paper and stick it on your wall. Zumba is an easy exercise wherein you can dance with some specific yet interesting moves on your favorite beats for a good one hour and end up content with your skin glowed up. With common people becoming conscious of fitness, we are able to locate Zumba classes almost everywhere. Remember to bring in your fitness buddy and the right amount of perseverance that would make this vitalizing workout a never-ending-fun.  



Swimming and Dance sessions can work differently for different body types. Some people may be able to adjust to it quickly while some may take as long as two weeks. In accordance with swimming particularly, there are certain fears associated. The risk and fear of getting into the water and drowning, are the top ones. Excessive swimming can also cause tendinitis or joint pains in the long run. Also, staying in chlorinated pools for long periods can cause burning sensations for the eyes and the skin.


Dancing, as fun as it is and as fit as it keeps you it can cause an increase in the rate of weight gain if you stop your fitness program. There is also a high chance of injury by tripping, slipping, falling down or maybe even by spraining a muscle. As fun as a one-hour session seems, it may give you leg sprains and backaches in your initial days, it is beneficial for a long-term fitness goal.

Do it for yourself

There are different keys to unlock a fit and healthy life but  determination and introspection lubricate the task. Chose just the exercise you love and be committed to it with all your heart. Remember you are turning into someone whom you would love because you cannot expect somebody else to love you if you do not love yourself. I would like to conclude by saying, do it only for yourself, not for somebody else, or the quest to fitness will end brutally before it even truly begins.  



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