Fun Tips to live a healthy lifestyle


I am an averagely fit Indian in her late twenties. The idea of adopting a healthy lifestyle comes and goes given the lack of discipline I have. Like many people out there, I have joined a gym, Zumba classes, started a daily run routine several times, to only discontinue it after a month or so. Not only that, there had been times, when I had lots of greens and fruits in my lunch because I was on a healthy lifestyle spree.
But with time, I have also realized that a sudden switch to a healthy lifestyle is not easy as well as not promising. One day you are sweating it all out, and the next day, you are back to your daily lifestyle.

So here are a few personalized tips for a healthy lifestyle and fun exercises that you can do to slowly transform your routine and gradually progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

Walk daily for an hour

As they say, walking is the best exercise and also one of the easier ones, with minimum chances of getting hurt. Walk at least 3-5 km a day, and you’ll start seeing the results in a few days. If you don’t enjoy casual early morning walks, then you can choose to walk to your office and back. Or walk to buy groceries, walk while you talk to your besties on the phone, and there are so many reasons to walk in one day, that you will not be disappointed by your performance.

Dance in the comfort of your room

Dance is a big emotional healer, and the amazing part, it is one of the exercises that you’d enjoy to the fullest. If you are more of a private person, then you can dance on your favorite tunes in the comfort of your home. But, if you are more enthusiastic and eager to learn more dance forms, join a daily dance class, and let the teacher make you groove. If you are a skilled dancer, you can give lessons to other students, or even make online YouTube dance tutorial videos, and voila, instead of paying to stay healthy, you’ll be earning and also motivating others.

Kayaking – a refreshing outdoor exercise

Arm strength is very important and what better way to gain it than sitting in the calm waters. It is one of the fun sports and is also helpful in building your arm muscles. Rent a kayak, or join a kayaking group and get your arms and back in shape as you row your boat in the blue waters, enjoying nature and quiet.

Yoga – keep your body and mind in harmony

Yoga is one of my favorite workouts, and it is literally for everyone. There are so many versions of it, from basic to advanced, for young and old. Build strength and flexibility all at the same time, and Yoga followed by meditation is the best dose to keep both mind and body at peace and sync.

All these exercises are great but don’t fall into the trap of trying everything all at once. Start with baby steps, and increase your stamina and interest little by little till it becomes a part of your daily routine. These are a few fun activities that I have used to move to a more healthy lifestyle. I hope these tips help you too in adopting healthy habits!

Ajita Mahajan

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