Fitness: The healing power of yoga exercises

2018-08-28 12:36:29


Developed in the east over 500-years ago by the Hidus Sarasvati civilization, the word yoga was first heard in an archaic sacred text; the Rig Veda. Yoga (Sanskrit Ioga) is a traditional physical and mental discipline that originated in India. It is associated with meditation practices in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It was imported into European culture after hundreds of years due to the numerous health benefits and healing powers attached to it. Below are some of the health Benefits that abound in the physical exercise.

Yoga  for mental health

The onus still lies on yoga instructors to explain to their students that the exercise is not only meant for the body but that it is also a healing balm for the mind and the soul. Millions of people all over the world today are suffering from mental illnesses due to high-level development engendered by technological advancement. The resultant rat race to meet up with the pressures of existential survival compelled people to neglect the internal and focus more on the external. People are confused today about their identity, whom they are and what they want. These feelings of negativity suppressed for a long time reaches a boiling point at one point or the other and explode, resulting in a mental disorder such as:

Yoga offers a solution to people suffering from mental health such as the ones listed above. Regular yoga exercises like breathing otherwise known as Pranayama and Meditation gives one a clear understanding of his body and the connection with the mind. Breathing also frees you from depressing thoughts while lying pose gives you balance.


Yoga can help against asthmatic disease. In a research carried out by Doctors at the College of Sports Medicine in Seatle on the effects of yoga on Asthmatics; 20 participants between 20 to 65 years of age who take yoga classes twice a week and half an hour at home on weekly basis felt much better after just two and half months.

Ganesh Mohan, an Indian yoga instructor, and physician pointed out some of the exercises that are good for Asthmatics. According to him, breathing yoga and exhale is very important in this case. While recommending gentle breathing, the physician maintained that Asthmatics have too much air in the lungs during a seizure which makes it imperative for them to exhale so as to regain consciousness.

Improves sexual energy

Premature ejaculation is a painful and disturbing problem and for young men between the ages of forty and fifty years. There are a number of medical treatments available for people suffering from the sexual disorder, however, many side effects abound in this treatments. In an empirical test carried out by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the efficacy of non-pharmacological treatment like Yoga exercise was exemplified. Twelve Patients with Premature ejaculation satisfying the DSM IV-TR diagnostic criteria were selected and allocated into two groups-Yoga and naturopathic group through randomization method. Different Asanas, Mudra, Bandha, and Pranayama were practiced in the yoga group, one hour daily for twenty days. While lower abdomen massage and steam bath, hip bath and lingasnana, mud pack on the lower abdomen, and acupressure were done one hour daily for twenty-one days. A relief of 7.3% was observed in Yoga patients after the treatment period, while 2.4% was observed in Naturopathic patients.

It has been proven that sexual disorders and illnesses such as loss of sexual desires, frigidity, and sexual apathy can be cured through regular yoga exercises. Research has equally proved that although yoga exercise cannot cure sexually transmitted diseases, it has the capacity to reduce the emotional trauma and mental stress attached to it.

Burn calories fast

A calorie is a unit of measurement that measures the quantity of energy in the food we take. We hear of calories every day from a negative angle, especially from online platforms. Calories are not bad at all for our body system. It is the source of energy needed by the body to function properly. We all the need this energy to live a healthy life and everything we depend on energy which comes in the form of a calorie. On the downside, however, every food we eat contains a number of calories and too much intake of it without burning some of them out leads to weight gain.

Yoga exercises help to burn calories fast. In a study carried out by Havard Health Publishing; Havard Medical School, to ascertain the number of calories burned under 30-minutes for people of different weight categories, it was observed that a person with if you weigh 125 pounds you burn 120 Calories while somebody who weighs 185 pounds burns 178 Calories under 30-minutes practicing various yoga exercises. This highlights and brings us to the importance of this exercise- weight loss.


Want to lose weight? This is one of the major benefits of yoga exercises. In fact, yoga is the fastest and most affordable weight loss program as it works on almost all the important muscle groups in the body system. when you involve yourself with the right program and the right instructor, you will achieve results within a short time.  However, one of the greatest constraints in this exercise to lose weight is the time constraint. The following are some of the most popular yoga exercises to lose weight:


Diabetes disorder has two types. The first type occurs when the pancreas is too weak to produce the hormone insulin needed to convert accumulated sugar in the body system to energy. The second type occurs when the body is unable to make good use of the available insulin; that is, it is unable to channel it to a meaningful venture within the body system.

The question now is can yoga exercise offer a permanent cure for diabetes metabolic disorder? Research has shown that diabetes can be controlled, but that there is no medicine in the market that can cure it permanently. A non-pharmacological treatment like yoga exercises is one such measure to control diabetes for an effective and fast result. The following yoga exercises will give a diabetic patient a fast relief:

These exercises are equally effective in handling cases such as heart problem, anxiety, stress, constipation, cancer, thyroid, and knee problem.


From the above discussion, I have tried to point out the health benefits abound in yoga exercises that the majority of the people are ignorant of.  It has proven from empirical research that yoga exercises are vital in treating serious health cases for a fast and effective result. You can recommend yoga exercise to a family member or a friend suffering from some of the above illness mentioned above. You can equally spread the good news about the healing power of yoga by sharing this article

what do you think? if there are other health benefits of yoga not highlighted above, you can share it in the comment box below so that we can learn.



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