Fitness: Significance of Walking and Music


I believe that there are two simple, yet crucial things that keep the mind and body fit. One is physical exercise, the other is music.

The physical exercise may be of any sort from walking to hiking up mountains, but there should be physical exercise… that’s what matters!

The other big thing is music. No, I’m not referring to listening to music during your exercise… I’m speaking about learning music. It may be anything- singing or playing a musical instrument

A tiny intro

A little about myself here- I’m a 17-year-old blogger. Frankly, by blogging I mean I sit around all day and type away on my laptop. But I enjoy my day, why? Let me explain. I wake up when the sun’s about to rise and usually, I take a 30-45 minute walk around a University nearby my house since the environment is pretty. That helps me freshen up for the morning. Then I begin my day with intertwined strings of ideas, pending articles… basically blogging. I sit on my comfy chair sometimes literally up to 5 hours.

It does get surprisingly depressing sometimes but hey, that’s what I do. So what gets my spirits back up is music. I’m an amateur guitarist so I pick up my guitar and find some outdoor area and play. I play around just for about 45 minutes and my mind gets completely refreshed!

Speaking of Physical Exercise: Take a walk

As I mentioned earlier, any sort of physical exercise is good. But one should exercise every day, that is what really matters. I also mentioned that I walk in the mornings. So if you don’t have time for a number of crunches, push-ups, and pull-ups, that is alright. There are some others who dislike the idea of ‘building the body’. In this case, I would strongly recommend to at least take up the simplest exercise, that is walking. The point is, the result of any sort of regular physical exercise (even walking) is always fruitful. First off, you know it. It helps keep your body fit and healthy. Second is equally important as it keeps your mind at ease. Keeping your mind at peace lets you remain active and energetic for a longer time, hence efficiently increasing daily productivity.

About the music

I do play the guitar alright, but I’m not persuading anyone to play one too. But do play an instrument. If you don’t know any, start learning! Music comes right after exercise when we look at the things that can help us refresh our minds. Be it a keyboard, a violin or drums, but learn it and play. The goal here is not to be a great musician. It is to engage with music and let your mind free for a few moments of the day. Addressing to the non-musicians- believe it or not, playing music can get you relaxed as much as meditation can!

Now, the next obstacle here is, ‘I don’t have time!’ Well, no one’s asking you to spend a couple of hours a day on your musical instrument. Just dedicate 30 minutes of your day for music and if you keep it up, within a year or two, you’ll be good to go on stage.


Apart from health, physical exercise and music are also some of the few rare treatments that can help one out of depression. This is a fact.


Manas Patil

Hello, I am Manas, a seventeen-year-old college(just passed out now) student who loves to write! Although I’m an Indian, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time living in Indonesia. I love to visit places from time to time. I also speak about various different subjects and I’m still learning… now I blog and develop my site frequently…