Exercise and Fitness Tips for Busy Careerists.

2019-04-19 12:49:40

Careerist care a lot about advancing in their career, so much that they do not give many thoughts to regular exercise. This could be because they think, live, eat and sleep their jobs. This is unhealthy because of the manifold benefits of exercise to the body, especially to those who sit or stand for long hours at work. Most busy people have cited lack of time as the major reason why they do not exercise. You do not actually have to set aside too much time for exercise, you could incorporate simple workouts into your daily routine which do not take too much extra time. Exercise is very important for overall well being, a lack of which leads to long term health conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, bone and muscle diseases. Regular exercise is necessary if you are to be more efficient at work and cut down on work downtime due to ill health.

Simple Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Routine

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Before you begin, you have to commit to a lifestyle of exercise and healthy living and not just a short term fix-it plan.

Walk More.

As a busy careerist, rather than ride the bus all the way to your office, you could form the habit of alighting at least 10-15 minutes walking distance away from the office and walk down at a leisurely pace, to avoid being all sweaty on arrival at the office. Walking is an age long form of exercise with multiple benefits. Among other benefits, walking

Rather than drive all the way to and from work, learn to park your car a few stops to your destination and walk the remaining distances. If done repeatedly, it becomes a habit with enormous health.

Take The Stairs, Rather Than The Elevator.

Stairs climbing is a vertical exercise which impacts the body much more than walking because here, you bear your own weight.  Some benefits of climbing stairs are

Doing this three times a week will radically make you feel fitter. For a healthier you, take the stairs whenever you have the opportunity rather than the elevator.

Lift Light Weights.

Dumbbells come in all sizes. You may choose one depending on your needs, capacity, and purpose, you could use dumbbells during break and lunch hour to flex your arms and muscles during stretches. Busy careerists could also use dumbbells while walking to and from the office and also while climbing the stairs. Lifting light weights stretch your arm muscles, relieves muscle tension, tightens the underarms. Lifting light weights will greatly improve your level of muscular endurance and strength.

Get a Treadmill Under Your Work Table.

Due to the long hours spent at work, some organizations have adopted a treadmill under employees work tables. Curved treadmills work perfectly as office treadmills. They are small and portable, easily fitting in under the table. With a treadmill under your table, you can work and exercise at the same time without compromising on office hours. The benefits of running on the treadmill for careerists include

Set Up a Home Gym.

Setting up a gym at home saves you the hassles (which could be really discouraging) of going to the gym on the days you should be resting at home. You do not have to wake up at a particular time, get dressed, and rush out to keep your gym appointment. It affords you the leisure of exercising at your own pace and place and serves as a reminder that you need to exercise.  A home gym can be set up with the basic equipment as recommended by your fitness instructor; it must not be as stocked up as a commercial gym.  You may invite busy careerist like yourself over for more fun. The more the merrier!

Exercise on Public Holidays’ and Days When You Are Not Working.

You can maximize your days off work by fitting in simple exercises into your day. You could also push the lawn mower around the lawn. Owning a home gym comes in handy here too. You could have friends and other careerist come over to use the gym with you for encouragement rather than laze around the house or lounge in front of the television.

Eat Healthy.

Choose healthy food options during lunch. As a busy careerist, it is likely that you do not choose or care about what foods you eat while in the office. Choosing healthier options will greatly impact your productivity and overall well being. Exercise without healthy eating amounts to exercise in futility hence the need to eat healthily. To ensure you maintain a healthy eating lifestyle,

Developing a sound exercise and fitness routine will keep you fit and healthy for life. It will also cut down on sick leave days, saving you and your organization money and manpower downtime. Start today!

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